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Servo Motor/Drive/Controller supports single-axis applications.

Oct 27, 2016

Creating space-saving, integrated servo motor/drive/controller electric actuator solution for single-axis applications, ACSI is suitable for replacing pneumatic cylinders and automating other axes of motion. IP65-rated unit creates linear motion in desired units (mm or inch) via USB or Ethernet port. Available in NEMA 23 and 34 sizes, ACSI features variety of operating modes, such as digital I/O... Read More

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Digital Servo Controller provides 3 channels.

Jul 29, 2016

Equipped with power amplifiers and interpolator, 3-axis Model E-873.3QTU is macro programmable for stand-alone functionality of each channel. Unit features data recorder for high speed tracing and ID chip compatibility for quick start up. Offering flexibility for miniaturized precision positioning and handling tasks, controller is suited for precision alignment and automation, semiconductor... Read More

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Kollmorgen Decentralized AKD® Servo System Honored as Finalist in the 2016 Design News Golden Mousetrap Awards

Mar 03, 2016

AKD-N solution saves machine designers control panel space, weight and expense RADFORD, VA – Kollmorgen is pleased to announce that its AKD Decentralized Servo System has been honored as a Golden Mousetrap Finalist in the Automation and Control category. The annual awards are sponsored by Design News to recognize and celebrate the companies, products and people energizing North American design,... Read More

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Multi-axis Servo System delivers high-precision positioning.

Oct 05, 2015

With height of 223 mm and width of 60 or 90 mm, AX8000 Servo Drive System includes various power supply modules, single and dual-axis modules, and capacitor module. One Cable Technology simplifies connection and feedback systems. Based on multi-core ARM processors, EtherCAT-enabled system uses FPGA-based control algorithms that enable sample and response times of less than 1 µs for current... Read More

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Servo Feed Control integrates compensation technology.

Aug 13, 2015

ProfileSelect™ incorporates press compensation servo feed control technology, which features 3 modes of operation. Control provides time-based servo feed synchronization and auto compensation for on-the-fly press speed increases, and functionality also minimizes electrical and mechanical stress on stamping equipment and materials. Utilizing 100% of press feed window, sinusoidal profile (cam... Read More

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Husky Introduces UltraHelix Valve Gates and Highlights Altanium Servo Control at NPE 2015

Mar 27, 2015

BOLTON, Ontario – Husky Injection Molding Systems today announced that at NPE 2015 (March 23 – 27, Orlando, Florida) it will be showcasing its latest hot runner and controller technologies, which were developed based on extensive conversations with customers about their business goals. The display at NPE, located at Booth #2117 in the West Hall, will show customers how they can confidently... Read More

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Servo Drive/Controller provides dual-port Ethernet interface.

Mar 11, 2015

Consisting of 1.5-axis servo drive/controller based on ACR control platform, Intelligent Parker Amplifier offers 400 W or 1,500 W power to drive rotary and linear motors and supports number of industry standard feedback protocols. Equipped with 650 MHz TI DSP, unit is capable of serving up to 5 independent Ethernet connections and multitasking 16 different tasks. Drive/controller provides... Read More

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Servo Drives compensate for errors in advance.

May 15, 2014

ACOPOS servo drives are available with repetitive control, which improves accuracy of production processes with stationary disturbances by using predictive following error compensation. Embedded in standard speed control loop, repetitive control adjusts torque setpoint to reduce periodic portions in speed or following error. By undergoing constant learning process, algorithm ensures changes to... Read More

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Single-Axis Drive/Controller works with electric actuators.

Apr 02, 2014

Combining servo or stepper drive and controller, ACS (Actuator Control Solution) works with electric actuators to create single-axis linear motion solution for replacing pneumatic cylinders and automating processes. Drives are controlled from PLC or master controller via 24 Vdc digital I/O, 0–10 Vdc or 4–20 mA analog I/O, and Ethernet or Modbus RTU over RS-485. Capable of infinite position... Read More

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Advanced Motion Control System Simplifies Design of Modular Printing Machinery

Jan 13, 2014

New Berlin, WI - An economic multi-axis motion controller and high level software development environment from ABB is helping Rollem - a leading specialist print machinery manufacturer - to rapidly evolve its modular finishing system. The motion architecture has just made it easy to add another peripheral to the company's print finishing equipment range - a stacking unit that collects and groups... Read More

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Woojin Revolutionizes Its Machines with B&R

Sep 17, 2013

Both to present innovations at K 2013 Upgrading to B&R servo technology and POWERLINK communication has helped Woojin optimize the speed and precision of three different lines of injection molding machines. In October, B&R and Woojin will be presenting these and other innovations at the world's leading exhibition for plastics and rubber, the K 2013 trade show in Dusseldorf, Germany. "The key to... Read More

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Motion Controller suits closed loop positioning systems.

Mar 19, 2013

Equipped with dual-core architecture for servo handling and command interpretation, 4-axis C-884 controls motorized linear translation stages and rotary positioners. High-speed encoder interface allows use of direct-metrology linear and angular scales with resolutions down to nanometer and µrad realm and below. With servo update rate of 20 kHz, digital servo controller supports linear... Read More

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Four-Quadrant PWM Servo Controller delivers 95% efficiency.

Jan 17, 2013

Designed for control of brushless DC motors with Hall sensors up to approximately 100 W, ESCON 36/3 EC employs digital current controller and offers drift-free, dynamic speed behavior that enables speed range of 0–150,000 rpm. Range of functions are supported with fully configurable digital and analog inputs and outputs, and operating modes include speed controller (closed and open loop) and... Read More

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Servo Motor Firmware simplifies spooling and winding.

Nov 15, 2012

With commands in Class 5 SmartMotor firmware, material of changing width can be wound onto spool without gaps or unwanted overlap in wind pattern. Firmware offers both relative and absolute position control for setting traverse points, spool widths, dwell points, and more. Ability to dynamically phase-adjust incoming master signals enables real-time offsets for variations in material width... Read More

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PWM Servo Controller supports DC motors up to 72 W.

Dec 15, 2011

With 95% efficiency, 4-quadrant ESCON 36/2 DC provides drift-free, dynamic operation through 1-150,000 rpm speed range. Digital current controller can be run in various operating modes, including closed loop speed controller, open loop speed controller, and current controller. When connected to PC via USB port, unit can be configured with ESCON Studio GUI. ESCON 36/2 DC is equipped with protected... Read More

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PWM Servo Controller works with DC motors up to 72 W.

Oct 17, 2011

With bandwidth required for motor current/torque control, ESCON 36/2 DC 4-quadrant PWM servo controller provides range of functions with configurable digital and analog I/O. Drift-free, dynamic speed behavior enables speed range of 1-150,000 rpm, and supported operating modes include closed/open loop speed controller and current controller. Other functions include ability to enable/disable power... Read More

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Pulse Generator Chip drives stepper and servo motors.

Jun 01, 2011

Providing 18 operating modes, Model PCL6045BL controls up to 4 axes as well as linear interpolation of 2-4 axes and circular interpolation between any 2 axes. Chip also offers operation correction, backlash correction, programmed soft limit, and ability to override pulse rate during operation. With max output of 6.5 Mpps and 19.6608 MHz standard reference clock, chip is suited for... Read More

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Control System supports 100+ FireWire, Indexer drives.

Mar 01, 2011

ServoWire Motion and Logic Controllers (SMLC) typically coordinate network of ServoWire (FireWire) drives for applications requiring high-performance, multi-axis motion. XD-Indexer drive can be integrated, via Modbus TCP communication, to serve cases where axes are required that do not need as tightly coordinated motion. Capable of controlling 100+ drives, system lets users choose optimal drive... Read More

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UK Based DSPRobotics 'FlowStone' Supports the Whole Phidgets Product Line!

Sep 08, 2010

A powerful combination: Phidgets Plug and Play hardware with FlowStone DSP Drag and Drop graphical programming language. CALGARY, Alberta, Augus 17, 2010 - Phidgets Inc and UK based DSPRobotics are announcing that FlowStone now supports the complete Phidgets product line. A free copy of FlowStone can be downloaded from which can be used by students for small projects at home... Read More