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World's First 1,000 HP Low Nox Mobile Boiler Room Ready for Service

Jul 18, 2016

Nationwide Boiler Inc. and Superior Boiler Works complete production of one-of-a-kind mobile boiler room FREMONT, CALIF., and HUTCHINSON, KAN. – Nationwide Boiler Inc. and Superior Boiler Works have completed production of the world’s first 1,000 hp mobile boiler room. The one-of-a-kind piece of equipment is ready for service, the companies announced today. The ASME Section I firetube boiler,... Read More

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Boiler Emissions/Efficiency Monitor replaces large CEMS systems.

Apr 05, 2016

Retrofit to any boiler system, stand-alone DataStak™ packaged emissions and efficiency monitoring system that works independently from existing boiler controls and offers alternative to intricate CEMS systems. It utilizes 2 separate panels – Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC with touchscreen operation, and electrochemical analyzer system – and offers O2, NOx, CO, and CO2 measurements... Read More

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Membrane Deaeration Technology serves Oil and Gas Industry.

Nov 12, 2014

Compact Membrane Deaeration (MDA) products are available for use in waterflooding, improved oil recovery (IOR), and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) applications. Capable of producing ~5,000 barrels/day of deaerated seawater, systems can operate without chemical oxygen scavenging, scaling, or fouling of membranes for extended period. Throughout pilot testing, MDA unit consistently achieved <10 ppb... Read More

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Low-Water Cutoff Devices protect boilers and steam generators.

May 05, 2014

Offered in configurations and functions to suit various water feed vessels, LWC-700/720/800 Series features redundant switches within liquid level sensors as well as electronic controllers to deactivate systems before water supply problem can damage or create critical situation. Controller box may be mounted directly on sensor unit head or up to 2 ft away via optional electrical conduit... Read More

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Biomass Camera System enables real-time combustion monitoring.

Apr 05, 2013

Equipped with compressed air cooling system, FireSight provides real-time monitoring of combustion process inside boilers, furnaces, and incinerators burning renewable biomass fuels and other traditional/non-traditional fuels. Wall Box Mounting Assembly serves as protective housing and primary coolant shroud, enabling system to survive in environments up to 3,000°F. With light volume control... Read More

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PMFG, Inc. Awarded Environmental Systems Order for SCR Retrofit Project Valued in Excess of $2 Million

Dec 04, 2012

DALLAS - PMFG, Inc. (Nasdaq:PMFG) today announced it was awarded an order for environmental emissions-control equipment valued in excess of $2 million. The order is for Selective Catalytic Reduction ("SCR") systems to be installed in U.S. based industrial boilers. The scope of work is on a turn-key supply basis, which includes all engineering, procurement and site construction of the... Read More

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Maine Distributor to Deliver New Green Technology for Oil Fired Boilers

Jun 04, 2012

BANGOR, Maine - CavitroniX(TM), creator of the E2C® (emulsion-to-combustion) System, announced today that Sullivan and Merritt Constructors, Inc. has been appointed primary distributor and service provider in Maine for CavitroniX's E2C® Systems. "A common goal of conserving fuel while protecting the environment has united two leading companies in the distribution of breakthrough... Read More

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Miura Ultra-Low NOx Modular On-Demand Steam Boilers

Nov 03, 2011

Reduced Fuel Consumption, Far Fewer Emissions, and Reliable Operation All Cited as Major Benefits ATLANTA, GEORGIA - Located in the heart of Houston, the sprawling 150-acre campus of Texas Southern University comprises more than 40 buildings housing nine different schools and colleges. Home to more than 9,500 students and 1,500 faculty and staff, the TSU campus includes academic and... Read More

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Specialty Igniters accommodate heavy fuel oil applications.

Jun 15, 2010

CoronaArc Power Pack is available in 3 models - 12 JOULE, RAPID FIRE; 12 JOULE, STANDARD-FIRE; and 12 JOULE - respectively suited for heavy fuel oil, relatively volatile heavy fuel oil applications, and ignition of No. 2 oil main nurners or gas/oil fuel igniters. While RAPID FIRE produces 12-15 pulses/sec at 600 W, STANDARD-FIRE produces 4-6 pulses/sec at 300 W, and 12 JOULE produces 4-6... Read More

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Pump Controller protects against low water condition.

Dec 11, 2009

Featuring 1 hp pump relay and adjustable burner and pump settings, Series 1575 is used as low water cut-off, feed water control, and alarm for boilers, vessels, and tanks. Internal LEDs indicate water position and condition, while external LEDs indicate control activity. Probe operation diagnostics include monitors for sensitivity, sequence, and wetted probe. Equipped with 60-sec burner-off time... Read More

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Ignition Circuit is designed for industrial oil/gas burners.

Sep 29, 2009

CoronaArc circuit incorporates additional high-voltage transformer and supporting diode to create continuous high-voltage DC spark at firing end. Spark current at surface of igniter electrode enables spark gap to be referenced to ground potential and concurrently serve as directed pathway through which stored energy of capacitor discharges high-current arc. Read More

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Bryce State Hospital Achieves Major Energy Efficiencies with Miura Steam Boilers

May 22, 2009

Localized Steam Generation With Energy-Efficient, Compact Miura Boilers Reduces Gas Consumption by Nearly Half Compared to Previous Centralized Boiler System NEW YORK, MAY 7, 2009- Bryce State Hospital, Alabama's oldest and largest psychiatric facility, is located in Tuscaloosa on a campus of more than 200 acres. A leader in mental-health care, the hospital is also a leader in energy... Read More

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ABB to Supply Integrated Automation Systems for New Combined Cycle Plant in Thailand

May 22, 2009

System 800xA to control 114 MW plant, integrate automation and electrical systems Zurich, Switzerland, May 13, 2009 --ABB recently won a multi-million dollar contract from Hyundai Engineering to provide System 800xA for control and integration of automation and electrical systems for PTT Chemical's Electrical Power and Steam (EPS) Project. The new 114MW combined cycle power plant will be located... Read More

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Cleaver-Brooks to Display Traymaster(TM) Deaerator at 2009 AHR Expo

Jan 20, 2009

MILWAUKEE - Cleaver-Brooks, a provider of energy efficient, low NOx boilers and boiler technologies, will be featuring its Traymaster (TM) Deaerator at the 2009 AHR Expo, booth #1523, Jan. 26-28, McCormick Place in Chicago. Deaerators are used to extend boiler and steam system life by preventing corrosion of boiler surfaces, steam supply piping, and condensate return lines. Additionally,... Read More

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Boiler Instrumentation optimizes drum level monitoring.

Dec 11, 2007

Designed for ASME code compliance, LevelMax enables local and remote monitoring of boiler drum levels. This combination Drum Level Instrument Assembly utilizes Electro Eye-Hye System (Remote Drum Level Indicator) with water gauge glass attached for local, direct viewing of drum level. Electro Eye-Hye System is available with design pressures of 450, 1,000, 1,800, and 3,000 psig. Read More