Construction Equipment and Supplies

Construction Equipment and Supplies

Hydraulic Excavator fits in tight places.

May 17, 2002

Model 308C CR works productively in areas as narrow as 9 ft 8 in., weighs up to 17,730 lb, depending on how it is equipped. Naturally aspirated, 4-cylinder, diesel engine produces 54 hp (net). Excavator accommodates 2 stick sizes, 4 bucket options, 2 blade widths and variety of work tools. When equipped with long stick, excavator has digging depth of 15 ft 5 in. Tail swing radius is only 4 ft 3... Read More

Construction Equipment and Supplies

Platforms have 4U, 6-slot CompactPCI enclosures.

May 16, 2002

nFUZION-4U/EP CompactPCI(R) Pentium(R) III NEBS Compliant Platform offers up to 5 hot-swap, SCA SCSI hard drives supporting RAID. nFUZION-4U/HP CompactPCI Dual Pentium III NEBS Compliant Platform comes with Dual Pentium III Single Board Computer and up to 4 hot-swap, SCA SCSI hard drives supporting RAID. Sun UltraSparc NEBS Compliant nFUZION-4U/ES CompactPCI Platform comes with Sun Microsystems... Read More

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Platform is suitable for use as server and render farm.

May 16, 2002

Fully PICMG 2.16 PSB-compliant nFUZION-8U/CHP CompactPCI(R) NEBS Compute Farm Platform measures 8U high and offers Red Hat Linux and Windows operating system support, 8+8+2-slot split backplane, 4-16 IBP Dual Pentium(R) III Single Board Computers, and 2 PICMG 2.16 Layer 3 managed switches. Additional features include optional IBP fully IPMI compliant System Management Controller with SNMP... Read More

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Epoxy Mortar fixes damaged concrete floors.

May 16, 2002

RZ-1100 contains epoxy resins and binders and shatterproof silica aggregate that may be applied in small quantities to repair cracked, spalled, or rough concrete floors. When applied at 1/8 in. thickness, patch will be stronger than existing concrete surface. Dust free material resists live steam, changes in temperature, abrasion, and harsh cleaning chemicals, and can be applied by in-plant... Read More

Construction Equipment and Supplies

Personnel Platform for train maintenance.

May 15, 2002

Custom gantry system allows maintenance personnel to traverse entire length of train. Mobile platform runs along 600 ft of track and is controlled via push-button pendant. For safety, access to platform is restricted by key system. Platform guardrails are fiberglass to prevent conductivity. Platform has 2,000 lb capacity, hydraulic actuation, and measures 124 in. long, 208 in. wide, and 207 in.... Read More

Construction Equipment and Supplies

Hydraulic Excavator offers compact radius for tight spaces.

May 14, 2002

Model 314C CR produces 90 net HP, and accommodates 2 stick sizes, 5 bucket options, 3 blade widths, and variety of work tools. When equipped with long stick, it has max digging depth of 19 ft 6 in. Tail swing radius is 4 ft 10 in. Excavator is powered by 4-cylinder turbocharged Cat(R) 3064T diesel engine. Open-center, 2-pump hydraulic system uses pumps to 100% of engine power under all operating... Read More

Construction Equipment and Supplies

Vibratory Rollers compact soil with tons of force.

May 07, 2002

Single-drum Series C820C, C830C, and C850C have operating weights of 11,000 to 28,285 lb. Series C820C and C825C are smooth-drum models that are best suited for granular and mixed soil applications, while Series C822C padfoot units are most effective on cohesive materials. All have lockable control panel, back-up alarm, SAHR brakes, and adjustable operator's seat. Read More

Construction Equipment and Supplies

Hydraulic Excavator has turbocharged diesel engine.

May 07, 2002

Model 330C L has increased horsepower and hydraulic flow, more stick force, and greater swing torque and drawbar pull than previous model. It is powered by Cat(R) C9 six-cylinder engine that has displacement of 537 cu in., produces 247 net hp, and meets EPA Tier II emissions standards. Cab and interior layout enhance operator efficiency. It weighs 77,400 lb, uses open-center two-pump negative... Read More

Construction Equipment and Supplies, Material Handling & Storage, Mounting & Attaching Products

Handling System consists of modular components.

May 02, 2002

HBK Modular System uses matched components that can be used individually or combined. KBK Track is available in steel or aluminum with inside running surface protected from dust and spray. Crab Frames are designed for rigid load handling. Slewing cranes with KSL pivot arms support load capacities of 220 lb and serve 360 deg working area. Pillar jib cranes have load capacities of 1100 lb. Load... Read More

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Enclosed Track System carries monorails.

May 01, 2002

KBK Alu systems can suspend monorails and suspension cranes. Made from anodized, corrosion resistant aluminum, high load bearing track sections are available in 120 and 180 sizes: 120 has weight capacity of 750 lb while 180 has weight capacity of 1500 lb, both with 10 feet between hanger supports. Both sizes have grooves for fitting accessories to top of rack. Read More

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Portable Workstand assembles in seconds.

Apr 23, 2002

Snappy provides platform with 10 ft working height. It consists of 2 components which assemble and fit together using integral locking and connecting mechanisms. Frame has integral folding braces with locking hinges. Platform has integral locking hooks with quick-release catches. Locking casters have non-marking polypropylene tires and foot-operated stirrup brakes. Frame folds down to 9.5 in.... Read More

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Floor Repair Material does not spread to surrounding areas.

Apr 19, 2002

F-161 MAGIC FLOOR(R) provides permanent repair to indoor or outdoor floors. Application steps includes priming, spreading MAGIC FLOOR into cracks or holes, and compressing. Patch sets up and is immediately ready for traffic. Its shatterproof aggregate and thermoplastic binder material adheres to hard surfaces and hardener prevents tracking onto surrounding concrete. Read More

Construction Equipment and Supplies

Stationary Platforms service trucks and tank cars.

Apr 15, 2002

Platforms with slide track mounted access equipment provide safe access and fall protection to tank/bulk trucks, tank cars, and hopper cars. It has 3 ft wide swing gates with 4 in. toe plate, and meets OSHA requirements. Fabricated slide track platforms are available from 6 to 60 ft long. Read More

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Repair Kit quickly fixes chuckholes.

Apr 11, 2002

STA-FIL permanently repairs chuckholes in five minutes or less, regardless of oil, grease, temperature changes, salt, or heavy traffic. To use, fill holes and tamp firmly. Material bonds instantly to dry or damp chuckholes and gains strength as it ages. It can be applied in any weather, even in below-zero temperatures and pouring rain. VYNOLOX(TM) bonding agent prevents patch from cracking or... Read More

Construction Equipment and Supplies, Material Handling & Storage

Drum Dumper handles more than a ton.

Apr 10, 2002

Forklift-mounted ADT-25 attachment runs on its own battery power and hydraulic system. It dumps and pours up to 2,500 lb steel, fiber and plastic drums, and has adapter for handling smaller, 12 in. drums. It has variable clamping pressure, adjustable speed control, battery and charger, 25 ft pendant switch cord, 180 deg pouring rotation, and rubber-faced clamp pads for fiber and plastic drums. Read More

Construction Equipment and Supplies

Mini Hydraulic Excavators dig deep, but don't swing wide.

Mar 15, 2002

Models 303CR and 305CR weigh 7,400 and 11,000 lb, respectively, dig holes with zero tail swing, and have swing boom that enables operator to position machine to work next to wall or obstruction. When equipped with long sticks, 303CR has digging depth of 10 ft 11 in. and 305CR digs to 12 ft 11 in. Work tools available include digging buckets, ditch cleaning buckets, augers, and hydraulic hammers.... Read More

Construction Equipment and Supplies

Excavator uses 2-pump, negative flow hydraulic system.

Mar 14, 2002

Model 325C L C-Series excavator has six-cylinder, turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled diesel engine that produces 188 net hp, ergonomic cab and interior layout for easier operation, and work tool connections. Work tools include Pin Grabber Plus and Dedicated Quick Coupler, which enable operator to quickly change work tools in field. Hammer and thumb hydraulic circuits and tool control system... Read More

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Development Platform works with Intel PXA250.

Mar 12, 2002

IDP(TM) integrated development platform provides device drivers and boot loader, BSP binary board support package, Microsoft Windows CE .NET and Accelent Linux(R) OS images, expansion headers to integrate and test various hardware configurations, and integrated power management. Source code licensing option provides full access to device drivers and boot loader source libraries. Intel's PXA250 is... Read More

Construction Equipment and Supplies

Small Bulldozers have large capacities.

Mar 12, 2002

Models TD-7H EXTRA, TD-8H EXTRA and TD-9H EXTRA small crawler dozers have blades that are up to 18% larger than previous models. Fuel tank capacity has been increased by 17% to 45 gal. All have dash mounted fuel gauge and are available as LGP versions. Read More

Construction Equipment and Supplies, Safety & Security Equipment

Platform offers fall protection.

Mar 08, 2002

INSTA-RACK features single pedestal platform with access stairway and equipment. Unit provides safe access and fall protection to tops of bulk/tank trucks, tank cars and hopper cars. Read More