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Johnson Controls, Arkansas State University Sign $15 Million Energy Performance Contract

Recent energy legislation enhances Arkansas Energy Performance Contracting program MILWAUKEE – Johnson Controls and Arkansas State University have signed a $15 million energy performance contract that will dramatically advance the university’s sustainability initiatives, including improvements to lighting, water conservation, waste management, energy management, HVAC and utility monitoring...

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Beverly Hills Pays $500 for Every New Waterless Urinal Installed

In a rush to find ways to reduce consumption, the city is now paying any business that purchases and installs a waterless urinal $500. Vista, CAÂ- – While most residents of the state of California are now required to scale back water consumption by 25 percent, in Beverly Hills the reduction is 35 percent. This is because the city as well as its residents have historically used more water...

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Water Treatment Equipment

Jealco to Sell Instant-Off Products to Latin American and Caribbean Countries

Roswell, GAÂ- – Jealco International, Inc. is now authorized to sell Instant-Off Brand watersaving products to countries in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. These units save water, reduce cross-contamination, and provide an excellent return on investment for schools, food processors, medical and dental offices, hospitals, and other commercial facilities. Jealco...

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GE Enables More Wind on New England's Transmission Network

• First Wind’s Oakfield Wind Project to Generate 148 MW; Enough to Power 50K Homes • GE’s Synchronous Condenser Solution to Improve Power Stability • GE’s Energy Consulting Team Provides Custom Analysis and Tailored Solutions PARISÂ- – While the integration of wind energy continues to have broad public policy support, consumers are playing a larger role to ensure their...

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Spray and Faucet Heads

AM Conservation Provides New Products for Kansas Community Educational Campaign to Help Promote Water Conservation

When the small town of Russell, Kansas entered Stage 4 Water Restriction in August 2012, the community was facing serious water supply shortages. Russell's 4,000 residents rely on two sources for their water, so when the first became unusable, the city was forced to rely almost exclusively on their secondary water source. Russell has made several moves toward increased water conservation,...

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Conversion Services

Now Facilitating Direct Install Programs to Complement Existing Energy Efficiency Efforts

As energy-saving legislation initiatives continue to pass, utility companies are being required to meet reduced consumption goals. In order to meet these lower energy consumption requirements, utilities have begun providing customers with energy saving kits. The kits include easy-to-install products that help customers to use less energy, and over time, save money on their utility bills. Direct...

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Marine Buoy incorporates wave energy harvesting technology.
Electrical Power Generators

Marine Buoy incorporates wave energy harvesting technology.

Featuring customized design, buoy system is scalable from 1–250 W and can be suited to moored or drifting applications. Design using JSR Micro/JM Energy's ULTIMO™ Lithium Ion Capacitor (LIC)Â- for energy storage. ULTIMO's hybrid technology provides energy density of 12 Wh/kg or 20 Wh/L. While direct drive system provides power from differential motion between buoy float...

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Miscellaneous Controllers

Canova Tech and ON Semiconductor to Unveil New Energy Harvesting Cell Design Platform

This fully tested and proven platform is ideal for ultra low power energy harvesting applications such as building automation, medical, consumer and automotive Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe – BERLIN, Germany – Canova Tech, delivering silicon intellectual property (IP), design services and product solutions to the semiconductor industry worldwide, and ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN)...

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Miscellaneous Seals

Debut of Simply Conserve(TM) Marks First-Ever Cohesive Line of Newly Branded Energy and Water Saving Products

CHARLESTON, S.C. – AM Conservation Group, Inc., a major U.S. manufacturer and distributor of energy and water conservation products, today announced it will roll out its new product line called Simply Conserve™, introducing the first-ever cohesive line of both energy and water saving products. Providing an assortment of innovative solutions that make conservation simple and affordable, the...

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