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Plenum Barrier Board is used to enhance sound isolation.

Oct 03, 2017

Plenum Barrier Board is ideal for universities between classrooms and health care facilities between patient, exam and treatment rooms. Unit comes with stone wool barrier which can be installed above interior partitions. Product is used to enhance privacy between rooms in commercial applications. Board is suitable for new construction or post-occupancy remediation.

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Computer Hardware & Peripherals

Sound Card supports full duplex operation.

May 12, 2004

Sonic Audio SP is a PC/104 form-factor sound card for embedded computer systems that provides 4 audio inputs and 2 outputs. Compatible with Sound Blaster Pro(TM) and Microsoft Windows®, plug-and-play card can record, synthesize, compress, store, and play back voice, sound, and music. Based around ESS Technology's AudioDrive(TM) ES1869F chip, Sonic Audio SP offers 7-channel mixer, 2 W/per channel... Read More