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PCle 79G5 Communication Boards feature Custom-On-Standard-Architecture™.

Oct 20, 2017

PCle 79G5 Communication Boards are operated in a temperature range of 0° to 70° C. Units are suitable for digital and analog I/O, position control and measurement/simulation and communication interface applications. These single-slot products support up to three intelligent I/O and communication function modules. Boards come with background built-in-test option which helps user to check and... Read More

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14-bit Dual A/D Converter features JESD204B interfaces.

Oct 13, 2017

14-bit Dual A/D Converters are available in AD9689, AD9695 and AD9697 models. 2.6 GSPS AD9689 A/D Converters offer power dissipation of 1.55 W per channel and features user-programmable FIR filters. AD9689 comes with analog input bandwidth of 9 GHz in a BGA-packaged version. 1300/625 MSPS AD9695 and 1300-MSPS AD9697 variants provide low power and are pin-compatible. These three converters... Read More

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Acromag Partners with ECRIN Systems to Offer Extremely Small Mission Computer

Oct 10, 2017

AcroPack® PCIe Bus interface boards provide customizable I/O in the µONYX SFF computer without the need for interface cables or secondary modules.

Wixom, MI - October 2, 2017 - Acromag announced today the integration of their AcroPack I/O product line into the µONYX SFF Computer from ECRIN Systems in France. ECRIN Systems is a valued distributor of Acromag Embedded Solutions and has... Read More

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Automotive Grade Flash Card is suitable for surveillance applications.

Oct 07, 2017

Automotive Grade Flash Card is available in industrial SD, microSD, automotive SD and industrial extended temperature variants. Unit delivers sequential read speeds of up to 80MB/s and write speed of up to 50MB/s. Product comes with automatic read refresh feature. Industrial SD, automotive SD, industrial extended temperature and microSD cards are offered in capacities up to 64GB and are... Read More

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Plenum Barrier Board is used to enhance sound isolation.

Oct 03, 2017

Plenum Barrier Board is ideal for universities between classrooms and health care facilities between patient, exam and treatment rooms. Unit comes with stone wool barrier which can be installed above interior partitions. Product is used to enhance privacy between rooms in commercial applications. Board is suitable for new construction or post-occupancy remediation.

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PPCIe8443 Controller Board comes with utility software.

Sep 26, 2017

PPCIe8443 Controller Board is integrated with PCL6046 large-scale integration chip. Unit can perform linear interpolation up to four axes, arbitrary two-axis circular and continuous interpolation. Product offers 13 types of homing, velocity and positioning override and trigger output. Board comes with function libraries and can generate pulses which can control servo and stepper motors.

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PocketBeagle® Development Board features 8 analog inputs.

Sep 25, 2017

PocketBeagle® Development Board features 72 expansion pin headers with power and battery I/Os. Unit is integrated with 44 digital I/Os and digital interface peripherals. Product is equipped with microUSB host/client and microSD connectors. Board is compatible with Cloud9 IDE on Node.js w/ BoneScript library. PocketBeagle® is based on OSD3358-SM 21mm x 21mm system-in-package which comes with... Read More

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NX5730A 1 ns Pulsed IV Memory Test Solution offers system-level adjustment.

Sep 19, 2017

NX5730A 1 ns Pulsed IV Memory Test Solution is used to characterize magnetic tunnel junction for spin transfer torque magnetoresistive random access memory. Unit allows user to apply high-speed pulsed voltages to switch MTJ and is suitable for STT-MRAM research applications. Product can perform MTJ characterization tests such as BERTs, endurance tests and switching characteristics. Solution is... Read More

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Gate Driver Reference Design Boards provide minimum pulse suppression.

Sep 06, 2017

Available in RDHP-1526 and RDHP-1608 models, Gate Driver Reference Design Boards are suitable for IBGT power modules up to 800 V DC-link voltages. Units provide 0 V/ 5 V command input logic and status output logic. RDHP-1608 model offers a low component count with an 8 A output current whereas RDHP-1526 comes with 15 A booster stage and basic active clamping. These board's design features... Read More

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GENE-APL5 SubCompact Board comes with three independent displays.

Aug 17, 2017

GENE-APL5 3.5 in. SubCompact Board is suitable in applications such as touch screen kiosks, food processing, and medical industrial purposes. Unit comes with LVDS and VGA display offerings. The LVD is designed in co-layout with HDMI and supports 4K resolution. Board features 4 USB 2.0 slots, 2 USB 3.0 slots, and 4 COM 8-bit digital I/O ports. Product is equipped with a fanless thermal solution... Read More

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CEM311 provides compact, low power COM express module.

Aug 15, 2017

Axiomtek's CEM311 works with Intel® Pentium® N4200 quad-core and Celeron® N3350 dual-core processors and provides 4k resolution via Intel® Gen 9 graphics. The card-sized module is able to operate in temperatures between -20°C and 70°C, and is perfect for small handheld devices. DDR3L memory comes in both 4GB and 8GB, with additional eMMC flash memory up to 64GB available. I/O options... Read More

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AcroPack® Ethernet Communication Modules are embedded with C libraries.

Aug 10, 2017

AcroPack® AP580 Series Ethernet Communication Modules offers a single Ethernet 10, 100, or 1000 Mbps port. Featuring down faced plug-in 100 pin connector for secure connection of I/O devices, unit can be plugged-into AcroPack® PCIe, VPX, and XMC carriers. Board supports Intel i210 Ethernet controller PROset that provides assistance in diagnostics, test and configuration. Units are compliant... Read More

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IntelliProp Announces Gen-Z Persistent Memory Controller Combining DRAM and NAND

Aug 10, 2017

Visit us at Flash Memory Summit - August 8-10, 2017 and see our demos

LONGMONT, Colo., Aug. 8, 2017 - IntelliProp, Inc., a leader in innovative Intellectual Property (IP) Cores and semiconductors for Data Storage and Memory applications, announced today the IPA-PM185-CT, Gen-Z Persistent Memory Controller, code named "Cobra." This controller combines DRAM and NAND and sits on the Gen-Z... Read More

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Netlist Demonstrates HybriDIMM™ Storage Class Memory in an Industry-First, Concurrent Operation of Big Data and In-Memory DB Applications

Aug 09, 2017

-HybriDIMM Concurrently Running MongoDB in Block Storage Mode and Redis In-Memory Database in Persistent Memory Mode-

IRVINE, Calif., Aug. 8, 2017 - Netlist, Inc. (NASDAQ: NLST), today announced the demonstration of its HybriDIMM™ storage class memory product at the 2017 Flash Memory Summit, taking place August 8-10 in Santa Clara, California. The demonstration will showcase two... Read More

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CableEye® USB Test Fixture Board uses CB26 small-frame motherboard.

Jul 28, 2017

Allowing user to continuity-check USB Type-C terminated cables using the CableEye tester, CB26U CableEye® Type-C USB Test Fixture Board accepts two USB Type-C connectors. The fixture board is designed for CableEye cable and harness testing systems. Unit can test two USB-C-connectors simultaneously.

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Wall Plug Power Adapters feature input voltage range of 90 to 264 Vac.

Jul 27, 2017

Available in SWM6, SWM6 USB, SWM12, and SWM30 series, Wall Plug Power Adapters come with North American or European input blades. Units feature input-to-output isolation of 4,000 Vac and output voltage from 5 to 48 Vdc. Products consume power up to 0.075 W and come in 6 W, 12 W, and 30 W models. SWM6, SWM6 USB and SWM12 series provide horizontal and vertical blade orientations. Power adapters... Read More

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DesignWare HBM2 IP Solution supports data rates up to 2400 Mb/s.

Jul 26, 2017

DesignWare HBM2 IP Solution consists of HBM2 controller, PHY and Verification IP and is based on Synopsys' silicon-proven HBM and DDR4 IP. Available for 14- and 7-nm process technologies, the solution helps user in achieving desired memory bandwidth, latency and power objectives. The HBM2 Controller supports pseudo-channel operation in lock step or memory interleaved modes. DesignWare HBM2... Read More

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Giant Gecko Microcontrollers come with security management unit.

Jul 25, 2017

EFM32GG11 Giant Gecko Microcontrollers are available in QFN, QFP and BGA options. These units are designed with an internal memory with up to 2 MB flash and 512 KB RAM. Offering SD/MMC and Octal/Quad-SPI memory interfacing, units consume 77 μA/MHz and 1.6 μA of power in active and deep sleep mode respectively. MCUs feature TFT display, a current-based capacitive sense engine and crystal-free... Read More

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A25 VMEbus Board is embedded with 32 GB DDR4 memory.

Jul 25, 2017

Multicore SBC A25 VMEbus Board can be equipped with XMC/PMC mezzanine card and a PCI Express Mini Card. Operating in -40°C to + 60°C temperature range, the unit is designed with two USB, three Gigabit Ethernet and two RS232 ports. Suitable for critical embedded applications in industrial automation, board is embedded with Intel’s Xeon D-1500 server CPU processor and is available in 4, 8... Read More

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Patriot’s DDR4 Memory delivers speed between 2133MHz and 3400MHz.

Jul 12, 2017

Patriot’s DDR4 Memory is available in compatible dual, quad and single configurations. Patriot’s Viper Elite, Viper 4 and Signature Line DDR4 Memory line offers capacities ranging from 4GB to 64GB. Units are compatible with AMD Ryzen™ and AM4 platforms.

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