Ethernet Interface enables remote I/O and local expansion.

Compatible with any control device that supports EGD, PACSystems(TM) RX3i Ethernet Network Interface Unit (ENUI) makes it possible to use PACSystems RX3i and Series(TM) 90-30 I/O remotely on single or dual Ethernet networks. Data exchange is automatic, and unit provides flexible control with optional local logic for emergency shut-down in case control is lost. Along with 2 serial ports, product...

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Personal Pager is suited for high-risk environments.

Supporting alphanumeric paging calls, PS-Pager (Personal Security Pager) can instantly alert colleagues to emergencies and detail their location via RF-based detection. Product provides secure instant messaging capability for individuals and large groups via 12-character top display and graphical front display that accommodates 3 lines of 12 characters. Mobile provides 2 types of manual alarm,...

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Messaging Service offers worldwide SMS delivery.

Clickatell Wholesale service enables mobile messaging companies and businesses to access direct SMS delivery without establishing their own direct connections with mobile network operators. Delivering network of world-wide interconnections, solution provides mobile aggregators, resellers, and content providers with access to global bulk SMS delivery. It is underpinned by carrier-grade SMSC...

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Reference Design has 2.4 GHz wireless link and 25 m range.

Using fully digital, 2.4 GHz wireless link, RFWaves reference design for USB-based wireless headset uses RFWaves RFW322M 3-Mbps DSSS half duplex transceiver as core component and includes specifications for wireless headset/handset as well as USB dongle. Its RFW332M provides 7 dBm output power and -75 dBm receiver sensitivity while delivering 16-bit PCM, 8,000 samples/sec voice quality. Specified...

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Signal Receivers

GPS Receiver comes in 10 x 10 x 1.8 mm, 36-pin package.

RF-shielded MN1010 Module, designed for portable consumer electronic applications, is complete 12-channel Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver that requires power and antenna for operation. Drawing less than 75 mW, receiver allows all satellites in view to be tracked, minimizing position jumps caused by individual satellite blockage. GPS chipset, from u-Nav microelectronics, features uN1008...

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Internet Security Gateway targets small network environments.

Providing unified threat management, InstaGate 305 includes network intrusion prevention, and deep packet inspection firewall to detect and stop threats at all layers of network. IPSec VPN with 3DES/AES encryption and digital certificate support allows site-to-site security and remote-access connectivity. Based on user-definable keywords, full URLs, and regular expression matching, URL filtering...

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Communications Software

IP Telephony Package facilitates workforce mobility.

Equipped with Avaya Communication Manager IP telephony software, Mobilize Now Package leverages public Internet or cellular networks to securely extend business communications capabilities to those working from home or on the road. Open standards-based IP architecture supports optimized mobility applications without requiring LAN upgrades. Extension to Cellular transforms any cell phone into...

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Public Address (PA) Systems

Public Address System offers remote call stations.

Praesideo Public Address and Emergency sound system is offered with LBB4438/00 Remote Call Station as well as Call Station Interface. Remote Call Stations, located up to 1 km away from Call Station Interface, feature fail-safe mode, digital audio, and web-browser configurability. They can be extended with up to 16 keypads, each with 8 configurable keys. Call Station Interface accepts CAT-5...

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Base-Station Modem accommodates 20 concurrent voice users.

Pico-cell Base Stations combine STW51000 SoC baseband processor for wireless infrastructure applications with multi-standard software libraries, optimized for GSM, EDGE, W-CDMA, and WiMAX networks. Chip delivers 1.2 GHz quad-MAC DSP core performance and 300 MHz ARM926 processing power. Two STW51000 units can handle up to 16 HSDPA users sharing 14.4 Mbps throughput, while single-device...

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Ultrasonic Positioning System controls up to 4 workstations.
Controls and Controllers

Ultrasonic Positioning System controls up to 4 workstations.

Consisting of ultrasonic emitters, receivers, and control interface, UOS-100 promotes error proofing efficiency in industrial assembly applications. It enables users to determine position of tool or object in 3D space without requiring mechanical systems such as articulating arms. Communicating via Ethernet, system enables complete operation from propagation time measurement to output of...

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