Bluetooth Headset weighs just 0.67 oz.

Supporting Bluetooth 1.2 and 1.1 enabled devices, Jabra BT500 offers up to 8 hours of talk time and 240 hours of standby time. It features behind-the-ear design, one-touch pairing button, as well as multi-colored LEDs that indicate connection and battery charging status. Mute function lets users temporarily silence microphone to speak with someone else or block out obtrusive sound. Using ac...

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Telecommunications Equipment

Communications Platform offers wireless/wireline solution.

As converged platform for communications using wireline and wireless technologies, OfficeServ(TM) 7200 handles voice calls and data using flexible array of modules that include LAN and WAN modules and 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface. Solution fully supports VoIP, WLAN, and traditional phones as well as IP-based data and other business communications peripherals. Featuring SVMi-20E integrated...

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Ethernet Transceivers deliver real-time performance.

Available in commercial, industrial, and extreme environment models, application-specific PHYTER® 10/100 physical layer Ethernet Transceivers provide error-free operation over 137 m of cable, exceeding IEEE 802.3u specification. They interface directly to MAC devices and feature Auto-MDIX, allowing straight or cross-over cables to be used transparently by end user. Software utility provides...

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VoIP Gateway Platform suits T1/E1 enterprise applications.

Based on TMS320C55x(TM) DSP architecture and Telogy Software® for VoIP, TNETV2520 can be implemented in standalone VoIP gateways or as VoIP gateway card in legacy PBX or IP-PBX applications. Product provides seamless voice and fax communications between traditional and packet telephony systems. Voice processing and conference bridging capabilities support 64 channels of PCM, 32 channels of...

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Network Security Appliance helps protect SMBs.

Designed to give small and mid-sized businesses additional protection against unauthorized access to their computer networks, ReadyARM(TM) v2.0 includes SNMP trap receiver, integrated syslog receiver, and top talker capabilities, which allow administrators to determine which IP addresses are using most bandwidth. Appliance is fully installed within 2 hours and can automatically generate reports...

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Wireless Phone delivers conferencing via VoIP.

BTC phone, compatible with SIP IP phones and mobile phones, is operated via 3 buttons and powered by single set of batteries for one week. Calls can be originated on ZIP 4x5 phone or BTC phone using voice-activated dialing, and calls can be answered on either phone. Design promotes portability, and use of open standards permits phone to be moved from room to room or used at remote facility. Phone...

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Lift Tables

Air Lift Tables offer capacities from 1,000-16,000 lb.

Providing solution to many handling and positioning problems, Air Lift Tables offer variable platform sizes from 24 x 48 in. to 72 x 144 in. Lift travel is 24 in. for single lifts and 48 in. for double high lifts. Models are available with non-powered turntables to facilitate pallet loading and unloading. Additionally, there are models equipped with 35° tilt tables to help facilitate...

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Backhaul Products operate at 30, 60, and 300 Mb.

Operating in near and non line-of-sight environments, Canopy(TM) 5.7 GHz OFDM Backhaul units can interconnect cellular sites, replace leased T1/E1 lines, connect access point clusters, serve as backbone for mesh networks, or link corporate and institutional campuses and remote sites. They include multi-beam space time coding, built-in security protection via complex signal with scrambling, and...

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Digital, Silicon Microphone has 2.6 x 1.6 mm² footprint.

Resistant to effects of temperature and humidity, SMT-compliant DigiSiMic integrates microphone chip and ASIC assembled onto carrier chip to form one pinhead-sized, all-silicon component. Microphone chip holds acoustic sensor structure, and ASIC contains bias-circuit, low-noise pre-amplifier, and sigma-delta-based ADC. Single-bit, digital output stream can be connected to downstream digital...

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Headset delivers stereo sound quality for Motorola ROKR.

Plugged directly into Motorola ROKR mobile phone, Jabra C220s lets users listen to music without missing incoming calls. Integrated Jabra MiniGels(TM) channel sound directly into ear, providing clarity and reception even in noisy environments. Equipped with call-answer/call-end feature and in-line microphone for clear voice pick-up, headset fits user's head with behind-the-ear wearing style. Its...

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Precision Machining Solutions with Over 25 Years of Experience

Precision Machining Solutions with Over 25 Years of Experience

Quality, customer service, and unbeatable value are the hallmarks of Hogge Precision. Since 1989 we have built a reputation as the go-to precision machining source, servicing many demanding industries. For CNC machining and screw machining, there are few manufacturers that can match our capabilities and expertise. See our video to learn more.

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