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Magnetic Backed Polishing Cloths come with stiff liner.

Sep 01, 2017

Magnetic Backed Polishing Cloths are suitable for quality control laboratories testing metals, alloys and carbides. Unit’s magnetic backing is offered in 203 mm, 254 mm and 305 mm sizes. Product is available in TriDent™, VerduTex™, MicroCloth™, VelTex™, PoliCloth ™, MicroFloc™, MasterTex™, ChemoMet™, UltraPad™ Nylon™ and TexMet C™ types.

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VOC-Free Cleaning Towelettes help accelerate brake installation.

Dec 03, 2015

Intended for repair and maintenance applications, Permatex Brake Cleaning Wipes facilitate and accelerate brake rotor installation and service while increasing cleanliness. These water-based cleansing wipes, which remove oil residue and contaminants from rotor surface, can also be used for cleaning brake drums, abutment clips, slide pins, calipers, and brake hardware as well as other parts and... Read More

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Kaivac Donate's Equipment for First Ronald McDonald House in Poland

Nov 05, 2015

Hamilton, OH – A new Ronald McDonald House (RMH) has just opened in Krakow, Poland, and Kaivac, developers of the No-Touch Cleaning® and the OmniFlex™ Crossover Cleaning systems has helped the house get off to a clean start by donating a number of cleaning tools and equipment for the new facility. Ronald McDonald House was started in 1974 in the United States. Today, RMH has chapters... Read More

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ESD-Safe Cleanroom Wipes

Jun 26, 2015

High-Tech Conversions has announced the availability of three ESD-safe cleanroom wipe options. VISION™ 50, VISION™ 10P and ULTIMATE™ 5 ESD-safe wipes are designed for critical environments in need of a wiping solution that is free of electrostatic discharge. They are suitable for wiping printed circuit boards and for cleaning a variety of other anti-static electronics and equipment. VISION... Read More

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It's So Smart, It's Patented

Sep 17, 2014

Kaivac's unique SmartTowel™ system is now patented. Made of high-quality microfiber, the SmartTowels can be folded into sections—four on one side, four to eight on the other—so users always work with a fresh portion of towel, keeping people and places healthy. The SmartTowels come in various colors suitable for color-coding systems, which help users know which tool is used for a given... Read More

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Kaivac Earns Patent for Smart Towel(TM) System

Sep 12, 2014

Stops the Transfer of Contaminants from One Surface to Another Hamilton, OH - Kaivac, known for innovation, announces it has just been awarded its 13th patent from the U.S. Patent Office. The latest patent is for the company's Smart Towel System, which was introduced about five years ago. At first glance, the Smart Towel looks very similar to a typical microfiber cleaning cloth. However, what... Read More

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Ergodyne Launches New Cooling Towel Sizes and Colors

Mar 18, 2014

St. Paul, Minn. - Ergodyne has announced today the expansion of the Chill-Its® Evaporative Series featuring a variety of new options of their top-selling Cooling Towel (CT). Utilizing the same advanced PVA technology workers know and love, the expanded line offers new colors as well as different sizes and ways to wear the CT – all with the same goal in mind: to cool workers on the job and... Read More

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Rotor Cleaning Wipe contains no VOCs.

Dec 18, 2013

Designed to prepare new brake rotors for installation, Permatex® Single-Use Rotor Cleaning Wipe Towelette removes oil residue and impurities from rotor surface and helps protect rotor from corrosion. Water-based wipe contains no VOCs and promotes pad wear-in. Leaving thin protective coating, product also prolongs rotor life and helps to prevent brake squeal. Single-use pouch keeps towelette at... Read More

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Polishing Cloth System offers alternative to magnetic disc.

Dec 04, 2013

Offering alternative to magnetic disc systems often used for grinding and polishing, Fastick™ utilizes core PSA Base disc with pressure-sensitive adhesive on underside and glossy top surface designed to cling to variety of surfaces. Special backing adheres securely, yet is easily removed from Base disc. With no magnet to attract metal debris to polishing cloth, Fastick minimizes risk of... Read More

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Painting Preparation Wipes remove contaminants from surfaces.

Sep 25, 2013

Engineered for strength and absorbency, DeVilbiss® CLEAN™ Paint Prep Wipes are virtually free of lint and can be used to remove grease, dirt, wax, sanding dust, and other contaminants for everyday painting prep processes. These waterborne and solvent-compatible wipes, which may be used wet or dry, come in ready-to-use, ¼-fold format and are packaged in self-dispensing, 300-count boxes. Read More

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CRC® Hot Line Tool Cleaner & Protectant Wipes

Apr 24, 2013

CRC® Hot Line Tool Cleaner & Protectant Wipes combine a cleaner with a silicone protectant all in one wipe. The non-linting wipe is formulated to clean dirty fiberglass tools while leaving behind a silicone protectant to help keep them clean. Hot Line Tool Cleaner & Protectant Wipes will effectively remove dirt, tar, sap and greases without harming the tool. Applications Each wipe is saturated... Read More

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Cleaning Cloth promotes flatwork ironer productivity, safety.

Feb 27, 2013

TingueKleen Braided Stainless flatwork ironer cleaning cloth is intended for use by flatwork ironers with stainless steel or steel chests. Stainless steel abrasive in braided pattern, sewn into heavy-duty cotton duck canvas, fosters effective removal of accumulated lint and grime without leaving residue on chest. Squared leading edge promotes safe feeding into ironer, while placement of polyester... Read More

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Flatwork Ironer Cleaning Cloths promote peak performance, finish.

Aug 17, 2012

Along with abrasive mid-section for aggressive removal of accumulated lint and grime, TingueKleen cloths feature soft, padded trailing edge for capture of loosened debris. Products are offered with designed-in cleaner pocket and leave ironer ready for safe, smooth, and efficient operation. Premier, Supreme, Regular, Cylinder Pad - Small, and Cylinder Pad - Large styles accommodate needs of small... Read More

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Carl Zeiss Partners with Lions Clubs International Foundation

Apr 20, 2011

Carl Zeiss, a leading provider of optical solutions, is branding a lens and screen cleaning kit for the Lions Clubs International Foundation, the official charitable foundation of Lions Clubs International, the world's largest service club organization. The kits include ZEISS lens cleaning solution, ZEISS lens cleaning cloth, ZEISS pre-moistened towelettes and informational material about... Read More

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Cooling Towel is made of advanced PVA material.

May 12, 2010

Providing effective solution for hot days on jobsite, Chill-Its® Cooling Towel is made of advanced PVA material that allows it to hold water and stay cool for hours without feeling heavy and awkward. Dampening towel creates cooling aid significantly colder than ambient air, and super-evaporative product also provides solution for absorbing excess sweat. Tubular packaging provides storage when... Read More

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M. J. Earl Adds New Line of Paper Products from Nittany Paper Mills

Mar 04, 2010

M. J. Earl Inc. in Reading, PA in pleased to announce its newest product line of Paper Products from Nittany Paper Mills in Lewistown, Pa. Nittany has a full line of products including Roll Towels, Jumbo Toilet Paper, Center Pull Towels, Dispensing Equipment, Custom Made Roll Towels made with 100% Recycled and Chlorine Free Processing, as well as "Hands-Free" Towel Dispensers. Nittany is a... Read More

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Multi-Purpose Towels help clean hand tools.

Jul 16, 2008

Packaged in re-closable, moisture-retaining dispenser, IDEAL-Wipes(TM) Multi-Purpose Towels are 82 disposable wipes that do not require water to activate their cleaning solution. They clean tools of deeply embedded dirt, grease, grime, or lube. Infused with Vitamin E and natural moisturizers, orange scented 12 x 9 in. wipes prevent skin from chapping, cracking, or drying. Wipes have... Read More

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Ergodyne Introduces New Chill-Its Cooling Vests, Absorptive Caps and Cooling Towel

Mar 14, 2008

New Cooling Apparel Designed to Fight Heat and Keep Skilled Trades People Cool ST. PAUL, Minn. (March 4, 2008) - Ergodyne announces advancements and additions to its Chill-Its® line of cooling vests, absorptive caps and cooling towels to help workers fight the heat by staying cool and dry. "We continue to develop new products with advanced technology to help workers stay cool and safe in hot... Read More

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Pre-Moistened Towels remove graffiti and paint.

Nov 09, 2007

Series TWL-200 Graffiti Remover Towels do not require gloves/safety gear for use, and remove paint including enamel, ink, and permanent markers from any type of non-porous surface. One side of towel contains slightly abrasive, but non-scratching surface to remove stains, while other side has softer, highly absorbent material to soak up any liquid and leftover residue. Towels are non-toxic,... Read More

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Microfiber Cloth provides antimicrobial protection.

Aug 02, 2007

WypAll Microfiber Cloths feature Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection that removes bacteria from non-porous surfaces and helps prevent cross-contamination between surfaces. When bacteria come in contact with cloth, Microban penetrates cell wall of bacteria making it unable to function, grow, and reproduce. Thick, heavy, durable, and absorbent cloths hold up to 8x their weight in liquid and... Read More