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Saint-Gobain Seals’ Meldin® 7001 Polyimide Material Qualified as Electric Harness Component in Major Jet Engine Program

Aug 15, 2017

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. – Saint-Gobain Seals’ Meldin® 7001 virgin polyimide product has been recently qualified as a precise fixing element on electric (wire) harnesses for a well-known jet engine program because it reduces global cost of installation by making it easier and faster and provides customers lifetime confidence.  Developed and produced at their Bristol, Rhode Island, site since... Read More

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Brady Label Materials Receive Certification for BS5609 Compliance

Apr 24, 2017

Vinyl materials and ink ribbons meet durability criteria for marine use

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (April 21, 2017) - Brady (NYSE:BRC), a global leader in industrial and safety printing systems and solutions, today announced that its B-595 and B-7569 vinyl label materials received certification for the BS5609 British Marine Standard. This internationally recognized standard ensures that... Read More

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Tekra, A Division of EIS, Inc. to Exhibit at the ISA Sign Expo 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Mar 09, 2017

New Berlin, WI - Tekra, A Division of EIS, Inc. has just announced that they will be showcasing their digital films and adhesives for the first time at booth #600 at the International Sign Expo 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada April 20 - 22, 2017.

“The world of printing continues to evolve towards digital and the sign marketplace is no different,” states Andy Danihel, Director of Marketing... Read More

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Celanese’s Polymer Products meets aesthetic and operational needs.

Nov 11, 2016

Designed for global auto, medical and consumer electronics, Celanese’s Polymer Products include: Celapex high flow PEEK, Celstran high flow LFT, Fortron flexible PPS, Hostaform M25IE POM and MetaLX appearance Nylon. Highly durable and heat resistant, polymers come in high flow, flexible high-temperature and has higher production throughput rates which help mold thin wall intricate parts and... Read More

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Printpack’s Polyethylene Pouches feature recyclability.

Nov 11, 2016

With combination of coatings, barriers and closures, Printpack’s Pouch helps to combat food waste and preserves product flavor, color and aroma to maximize shelf life. Featured with reverse-printed laminated structure, pouch protects graphics ensuring pristine presentation of product’s lifespan. Suitable for multi-or single-serve snacks like nuts, cookies, crackers and chips, unit offers... Read More

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Backlight Reflective Film brightens displays.

Aug 03, 2016

Measuring just 65 microns thick, 3M Enhanced Specular Reflector Film reflects 98% of incident and generated light to optimize performance of backlit displays used in portable devices. Film maintains uniform high reflectivity across visible spectrum without color shifts. Unlike diffuse reflection where light is reflected in many directions, ESR Film reflects light back toward viewer in single... Read More

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Barrier Lamination reduces sealant side extractables.

Jun 16, 2016

Targeting pharmaceutical and medical device markets, PRO FlexiPURE™ addresses trace contaminants found in film structures. Solution reduces sealant-side extractables (in water, alcohol and hexane) by 60% as well as time and effort needed to complete drug submission packaging requirements. With low extractable profile that minimizes compounds requiring identification, analysis, and... Read More

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High-Barrier Transparent PET Film suits retort pouch applications.

May 18, 2016

Used to produce transparent, printable, and microwaveable packaging, Barrialox® SBR2 aluminum oxide-coated polyester film resists pinholing, flex-cracking, and scuffing/abrasion. Thermal stability and such mechanical properties as strength and dimensional stability enable product to withstand converting process conditions and retort sterilization heat/pressure. Typical value, flat... Read More

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3D Printing: Ultem® PEI

Apr 29, 2016

Ultem®/PEI (polyetherimide) has struck the 3D printing world as a high performance material for 3D printing beds. Ultem®/PEI film enables 3D printing enthusiasts to produce both ABS and PLA prints. This film offers extreme heat resistance, coupled with high mechanical strength, stiffness, UV stability, and broad chemical resistance. Ultem® allows 3D prints to be held firmly in place at... Read More

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Micro-Sensing with Plastics: Empowering People for a Sustainable Planet

Mar 18, 2016

Cope Plastics Works With Local Students To Build Solution for Safe Drinking Water Around the World! Students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in partnership with the Lewis Clark Community College and the National Great Rivers Research Education Center in Alton, IL developed MoboSens: a Mobile Phone Liquid Sensing Technology to be used for testing water contamination anywhere in... Read More

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Recent Food Recalls Due to Plastic Contamination Prompt Major Restaurant Chains and Retailers to Insist on Additional Food Processing Safeguards; Eriez® PolyMag® Additives Provide a Solution

Mar 15, 2016

Erie, PA - Recalls resulting from plastic contamination in food products are on the upswing in the United States, prompting major restaurant chains and retailers to demand their food processing suppliers utilize plastic and rubber items that are metal detectable. Eriez® provides a solution with its FDA compliant PolyMag® Additives which impart metal detectability, x-ray contrast and... Read More

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ETFE Adhesive chemically bonds to engineered plastics.

Mar 10, 2016

Able to bond to dissimilar materials, such as polyamides, polyethylenes, and metals, Fluon® ETFE LH-8000 is suited for producing multilayer structures in one-step process without surface treatment. Chemical-resistant product has ultra-low melting point of 180–190°C, and offers wide processing temperature range between melting point and onset of degradation (350°C). Typical applications... Read More

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Tekra Showing at DScoop 11 in San Antonio, TX

Feb 22, 2016

New Berlin WI – Tekra, A Division of EIS, Inc. an inaugural member of DScoop and an appointed HP Indigo Preferred Partner, will be exhibiting at DScoop in San Antonio for their 11th year at booth #549. Tekra will be featuring several plastic substrates for both the Indigo presses, as well as, various inkjet press types. “Our time-tested Dura-Go products are coated with a top-quality... Read More

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February Material Highlight: ITW Formex(TM)

Feb 12, 2016

This month we highlight ITW's Formex™ flexible polypropylene materials. Formex™ is a flame retardant material that provides superior electrical insulation and barrier protection in various industrial and consumer electronic equipment. This material is able to create a 'living hinge' for fantastic score and fold ability, making it easy to create 3-Dimensional parts that can fold... Read More

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Liquid Additives come in drums that stay sealed throughout use.

Feb 01, 2016

Available for plastics processors, GlobalPlus™ single-additive dispersions come in containers that stay sealed – from loading dock arrival; through storage, handling, and metering into process; and during return for replenishment. Additive is metered into process by pump located inside drum, which eliminates such liquid handling complications as spillage, leakage, cleanup, pump... Read More

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Amorphous PHA Grade optimizes PVC and PLA performance.

Jan 21, 2016

Consisting of softer and more rubbery version of PHA, Amorphous PHA offers fundamentally different performance profile from crystalline forms of PHA. Product is produced by fermentation and extracted using patented solvent recovery process. At low loading levels, a-PHA can serve as process aid and performance modifier for PVC. Amorphous PHA also complements bio-content and compostability... Read More

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Vecoplan, LLC Christens New Test Lab

Jan 20, 2016

Shredder Testing On Your Materials Vecoplan, the worldwide leader in size reduction technology, recently christened their new state-of-the-art test lab. An integral part of Vecoplan's continuing expansion, the lab serves two functions vital to Vecoplan's long-term goals. "First it provides a practical hands-on environment to test the feasibility and ensure the quality of our RD efforts,"... Read More

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Plastics Color Announces 2016 Color of the Year

Jan 20, 2016

Chicago – Plastics Color Corporation, an industry leader in colorants, compounds, additive masterbatches and custom polymer technologies, has revealed their 2016 Color of the Year. The top spot goes to a bright, reddish hue appropriately named Giggles. This lively shade tops Plastic Color's list of hottest colors for the coming year, a collection that includes other provocative hues such... Read More

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MicroBlok: The Ultimate Protection For The Electronics You Love

Jan 14, 2016

The threat of bacteria is everywhere. While the first thoughts of bacteria often lead you to visions of illness, it may take you by surprise to learn that your favorite electronics are often more susceptible to being attacked by these unwanted microorganisms. In a study by Which?, an independent group known for testing household products, phones were found to have seven times more "hazardous"... Read More

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Apex Launches High-End Sheet Operation with Davis-Standard System

Jan 08, 2016

Pawcatuck, Conn. – A recently installed Davis-Standard sheet system has Advanced Plastic Extrusion, LLC (Apex), up and running with excellent results. Apex, based in North Carolina, is a new company focused on processing high-quality sheet with a "class A" surface for specialty and laminated sheet applications. Since starting production in September, Apex has been processing sheet using... Read More