Trafficguard® Direct Announces The Expansion Of Its Bollard Product Line.

Sycamore, IL - TrafficGuard-® Direct, the creator of The Original Collapsible Multi-Function Bollard, announces the release of line extensions of its Round Post Key Lock Bollard, its Round Post Twist-In Bollard, and its Round Post Lock Bollard. These new, higher security extensions bolster an already impressive lineup of high quality Traffic Control Bollards. These new line extensions combine...

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Electric Bollard features quiet operation.

Capable of stopping 15,000 lb vehicle traveling at 30 mph, electric bollard features traffic data and analysis capabilities, system diagnostics, onboard alert system, and complete programmable operation. Vehicle barrier system integrates physical security with common security applications such as gate arms, access control points, biometrics, and intrusion detection systems.

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Sidewalk Bollard is K4 level crash certified.

Designed for use in metropolitan areas in locations where extensive excavation isn't an option, sidewalk bollard can be installed in foundations as shallow as 9 in. and still keep Department of State K4 certification. As tested, bollard is certified at 48 in. center distance that fully meets ADA clear opening requirements. Sidewalk installation does not interfere with pedestrian traffic flow, and...

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Bollard installs quickly, permanently.

Shield-® Planter Bollard, made from low-density polyethylene thermoplastic, fits over existing guard posts for permanent installation. It eliminates painting, while adding color and life to steel bollards. Top portion has bowl shape to use for plants, ashtray, or birdbath. Product is available in custom colors and heights to fit 6 and 8 in. pipe.

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