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Hurricane Rita, Katrina, and Wilma Claims Settled with VersaInk(TM)

Mar 28, 2006

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 9 -- G7 Productivity Systems, maker of VersaCheck(R) software announces the adoption of VersaInknano(TM) by a major insurance group. The VersaInk(TM) that has been developed by G7 is magnetic and the first of its kind. Never before has magnetic ink been available for inkjet printers. This new ink allows insurance agents to print checks and high quality business documents on... Read More

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M.I.C.R. Compliant Ink works with inkjet printers.

Jul 14, 2003

Suited for printing checks, images, and high-quality documents, VersaInk(TM) has magnetic characteristics that provide accurate, automatic readings of checking account numbers and institutional routing numbers required by banks and retail outlets. Its composition provides protection against fading and fraudulent alterations. It is available for printers from Hewlett Packard, Canon, and Epson. Read More