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Seed Lubricant reduces total amount of released dust.

Mar 04, 2014

As lubricant for corn and soybean seeds, Fluency Agent replaces talc and graphite seed lubricants. Product helps reduce amount of total dust released in treated seeds, minimizing potential risk of exposure to honey bees and other pollinators. As application guideline, solution is applied at rate of 1/8 cup per 80,000 kernel seed corn unit or 1/8 cup per 140,000 seed soybean unit, and can be used... Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products

Haifa Group Introduces a Mobile App Supporting Growers' Fertigation Practice

Dec 24, 2013

HAIFA, Israel,  -- FertiMatch app assists growers in calculating and preparing fertilizer solutions for Fertigation HAIFA Group (, the global supplier of potassium nitrate for agriculture and industry, and specialty plant nutrients, today announced another enhancement of its water soluble nutrition product line with the release... Read More

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Dana Powers into Agritechnica 2013 with Complete Range of Drivetrain Innovations

Nov 18, 2013

Dana Powers into Agritechnica 2013 with Complete Range of Drivetrain Innovations HANOVER, Germany – Dana Holding Corporation (NYSE: DAN) today heralded the company's full line of drivetrain solutions for the agriculture market at Agritechnica 2013. Dana will introduce a new line of modular axles and new drivetrain concepts for combines and forage harvesters, while promoting its advanced... Read More

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Fillmore Container Announces Dairy French Square Bottles as a New Product Line

Nov 08, 2013

Lancaster, PA – The Dairy French Square Bottles are a combination of beauty & function. The square space-saving design maximizes storage space, but also the ability to see the contents and label. These are often used in dairy operations, but can also be very useful in storing other liquids such as concentrates, syrups and sauces and for solids like mixes, rubs and spices. The Dairy French... Read More

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Legacy Building Solutions Constructs New Fertilizer Buildings for Iowa Companies

Nov 05, 2013

SOUTH HAVEN, Minn. — Legacy Building Solutions announces the completion of two new fertilizer buildings in the state of Iowa. The tension fabric structures were designed, engineered and erected for Ag Partners, LLC in Albert City, Iowa, and Agriland FS in Wyman, Iowa. The bulk fertilizer plant constructed for Ag Partners measures an impressive 120 by 420 feet, with a peak height of 63 feet and... Read More

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SCR Wins Dairy Herd Management Innovation Award at the World Dairy Expo

Oct 22, 2013

NETANYA, Israel - SCR [] is honored to have won a prestigious Dairy Herd Management Innovation Award at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. The award was presented to SCR on Oct. 1st in recognition of the company's latest innovation, the SCR Heatime HR-LD System. The winning products were chosen by a panel of agribusiness... Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Software

Informatics Software aids crop production/protection research.

Oct 16, 2013

Pathway Studio Web Plant helps plant scientists explore breeding through trait analysis and promotes informed decisions at critical stages of crop research. Web-based solution offers knowledgebase of molecular relationships and curated pathways from 3 model plant organisms: Arabidopsis, Maize, and Rice. Analytical and visualization tools help contextualize complex biology involved in conditions... Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Software

GrainCorp Goes Live on Eka's Commodity Management Platform

Sep 30, 2013

Bangalore, India – Eka Software Solutions, the fast growing global provider of end-to-end commodity management software, today announced that GrainCorp has gone live in Australia on Eka's commodity management platform, as the first stage of a global implementation. GrainCorp is a leading global agribusiness that owns the largest Australian network of grain storage sites and ports, as well as... Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Water-Powered Dilution System does not require any electricity.

Sep 16, 2013

Intended for fertilizer and chemical injectors, Ultra Lean Dilution System provides means to pre dilute acid and other corrosive chemicals at rates from 1:100 to 1:9,000,000. Multiple configurations are available, and design controls pH in water by directly injecting acid or other corrosive chemicals. Supplied with premix holding tank equipped with mechanical float valve, system does not require... Read More

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Bovine Footbath helps prevent hoof disease on farms.

Sep 13, 2013

Designed for dairy cows and sheep, 12 ft long Bovine Footbath helps prevent spread of infection from cow to cow but is not suitable for treatment of active lesions. V-shaped sides keep cows looking forward and ensure they cannot step outside bath. Comprised of two 6 ft long baths linked together, bath should be filled to depth of 4–6 in. with solution. Floor is lined with non-slip pad,... Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products

Agricultural Software incorporates rainfall data in dashboard.

Aug 30, 2013

Connected Farm™ simplifies and integrates operations management by providing information exchange across entire farm. RainWave, included, lets farmers set up virtual rain gauge by entering GPS coordinates for identified locations to receive rainfall report for those locations. Rainfall information provided via RainWave lets farmers make management decisions to optimize irrigation plans and... Read More

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MCG BioComposites LLC Announces Awarded I6Green Challenge Grant

Aug 29, 2013

Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Sam McCord, CEO & Founder of MCG BioComposites, LLC based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, announced today the company has been awarded a $41,300 grant through the Demonstration Fund to develop new tools for their plant marker (BioMarker™), develop new formulations for new biocomposites materials, marketing of these products through direct marketing and exhibiting at specific industry... Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Software

Accounting Software provides strategic analysis for Ag industry.

Aug 16, 2013

CenterPoint Management Accounting Module for CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture lets owners and managers match costs to revenue, providing accurate picture of profitability. Managers can, with Cost Center reports, measure impact of strategic decisions when managing costs for particular responsibility center, while Profit Center reports enable matching of those costs against revenue generated. Read More

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PureSense Continues to Build Value for Growers

Jul 10, 2013

FRESNO, Calif. - As part of the new Pump to Root initiative, PureSense has launched a series of new products, services and video support materials to help growers get more value out of their irrigation and overall farming operation.  "We recognize the struggle that our growers are facing in light of the ongoing drought in the West. The new PureSense products focus on improving growers' ability... Read More

Agricultural and Farming Products, Fluid & Gas Flow Equipment

Horizontal Split Case Pumps are available in 64 models.

Jun 20, 2013

Offering 64 models to meet needs of multiple applications and industries, SCP horizontal split case pumps include sizes up to 500 hp, with capabilities for heads up to 750 ft and flows up to 15,000 gpm, that accommodate temperatures from 18 to 250°F. Horizontally split casing allows replacement of bearings and mechanical seal without disturbing system piping, and double suction design is... Read More

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AmeraMex International Inks Equipment Orders for $258,000

Jun 19, 2013

Company Engages Marketing Group CHICO, CA – AmeraMex International, Inc. (OTC: AMMX), a provider of heavy equipment for logistics companies (stevedoring), infrastructure construction, commercial farming and mining companies, announced that it has received orders valued at $258,000 for refurbished container handlers and miscellaneous equipment.  The equipment will be shipped at the end of June.... Read More

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European Robotics Leader Successfully Deploys with ITTIA DB SQL

Jun 18, 2013

Bellevue, WA – ITTIA, the leader in modern database software for embedded systems and smart devices, today announced the successful deployment of ITTIA DB SQL embedded in Cow Master, an intelligent animal health care robotics system. This deployment continues the company's constant progress in the human-to-machine and machine-to-machine sector, providing a more sophisticated and modern means... Read More

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SmartAgriculture Software Enables Usina Acucareira Guaira to Automate Line Generation for Crop Rows

Jun 12, 2013

Brazilian sugar mill implements automatic pilot system to save time and increase production HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Usina Acucareira Guaira, one of the largest sugar mills in Brazil, recently implemented a SmartAgriculture system for automatic generation of lines for crop rows. SmartAgriculture provides better security and reliability for planting, pulverization and harvesting, and increases the... Read More

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Berner Air Curtain Saves Dairy Farm from Freeze-Ups

Jun 10, 2013

Wisconsin's subfreezing winters take a toll on milking parlor's equipment, but air curtains above cow entryways retain heat inside. Prairie du Sac, Wis. - Holy cow!  Milking parlors on dairy farms are yet another application for air curtains, the energy-saving devices that keep outdoor and indoor environments separate at open doorways. After decades of energy-saving applications for industrial... Read More

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Selective Herbicide kills weeds but not grass or other plants.

May 20, 2013

Suited for use as broadcast or spot treatment on ornamental lawns and turf grasses, Enforcer® Weed Shot uses 2,4-D, dimethylamine salt to kill broadleaf weeds and begins to work overnight. Active ingredients mimic weeds' growth hormones, which causes deformed growth in weeds' vascular systems and kills weeds down to roots. This concentrated herbicide and treat 950 ft² of lawn with 5–6 oz... Read More