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Landmark Plastic Corporation Aggressively Expands Injection Molded Product Line

Nov 13, 2006

Introduces 24 New Injection Molded Products AKRON, Ohio, Sept. 21 / -- Landmark Plastic Corporation, a leading manufacturer of thermoformed and injection molded horticulture products, has expanded its injection molded line with the introduction of 16 new products. With these additions, Landmark has expanded its injection molded line by 24 products in the past three months. Effective today,... Read More

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Implement Steering is available for RTK Autopilot(TM) System.

Nov 03, 2006

Designed to solve problems of side draft on extremely sloped fields, AgGPS® Implement Steering system keeps implements pulled by tractors using RTK Autopilot(TM) on same repeatable path. Including implement-mounted GPS receiver and T3 roll-compensated control system, system features single display in tractor that communicates desired path information to the implement. Read More

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New Fertilizer Spreader Provides Commercial Applicators with Opportunities for Better Profits, Higher Efficiencies

Oct 25, 2006

The new Triad fertilizer spreader from BBI is sweeping away competition. On 100,000 acres, using the Triad Bin Fertilizer Spreader from BBI saves a typical commercial applicator $405,200 compared to the typical alternative--the air machine. Read on to learn more about the significant benefits of using the Triad bin spreader for the farmer as well as for the business bottomline ... Gainesville, GA... Read More

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Application System automates field spraying operations.

Oct 02, 2006

Offering GPS guidance, AgGPS® EZ-Boom(TM) 2010 allows operators to control up to 10 separate boom sections, avoiding overspray and untreated gaps on angled end rows, terraces, waterways, and other no-spray areas flagged within field. Based on flow meter readings, system ajdusts servo or PWM hydraulic control valves to ensure accurate application rate. When used with AgGPS FieldManager(TM),... Read More

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Agricultural Ammonia Gauges are offered in 2.5 in. sizes.

Sep 28, 2006

Constructed with black steel housings, Series AAG Agricultural Ammonia Gauges feature psi scale with 3-2-3% ANSI B40.1 Grade B accuracy. Wetted parts include steel socket and Bourdon tube, and process connection on gages is bottom ¼ in. male NPT. Able to withstand temperatures of -40 to 160°F, units are available in ranges of 60, 160, and 400 psi. Read More

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HDPE Pipe meets needs of water transportation and irrigation.

Sep 28, 2006

Designed for low head irrigation projects such as ditch enclosures and pipe replacement, Model N-12 Low Head Pipe is available in 30-60 in. diameters. Long bells and spigots on pipe joint enable watertight performance. Pipe is extruded with pressure-rated resin in liner portion to allow continuous pressure of up to 5 psi. Resistant to soils or effluents with pH ranges of 1.5-14, pipe can support... Read More

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Irrigation Control System optimizes water conservation.

Jul 28, 2006

Applicable to commercial landscapes with up to 48 irrigation stations, WeatherTRAK® ET Pro2(TM) series improves operating margins by automatically adjusting irrigation based on daily, local weather conditions. It includes built-in irrigation scheduling software, bilingual customer support, and Internet management option. Use results in meeting/exceeding requirements for irrigation devices,... Read More

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Growth and Yield Simulator aids forestry professionals.

Mar 30, 2006

SiMS provides growth and yield simulation along with financial analysis for 3 major species of southern pine as well as for mixed pine/hardwood stands, which offers foresters information pertaining to impact of silvicultural treatments on growth of trees. Software lets users develop and evaluate management plans from biological and financial point of view. Other features include inventory... Read More

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Syngenta Obtains Regulatory Approvals for Axia(TM) in North America

Mar 20, 2006

BASEL, Switzerland, Jan. 24 -- Syngenta announced today that its new cereal herbicide, Axial, has received registrations in Canada and the US. It will be launched in these two of the world's five leading cereal markets for the 2006 season, as well as in the UK where the product obtained registration last September. Axial is expected to achieve peak global sales of at least $150 million annually.... Read More

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Diaphragm Pumps suit agricultural spraying equipment.

Jun 03, 2005

Available in 2-, 3-, or 5-chamber configurations, PowerFLO(TM) 7800 Series 12 Vdc motor-driven diaphragm pumps are provided with brackets that offer mounting flexibility. Self-priming units can run dry without damage and offer flow output from 0.40-5.3 gpm at pressures to 100 psi. Able to handle fluid temperatures to 140ºF, pumps are equipped with Viton seals and can be used in agricultural... Read More

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Online Service manages commercial irrigation.

Mar 01, 2005 Internet service enables central online management of WeatherTRAK ET pro controllers. From any location with Internet access, customers can log in to secure Web site to gain central view of all ET pro controllers under their management. Via 2-way wireless communication, users receive real-time controller status readings and can adjust irrigation programs of single... Read More

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Grapple fits tractors up to 40 hp.

Dec 29, 2004

Intended for compact tractor loaders, Compact Grapple is 60 in. wide with single 34 in. wide upper grapple that is controlled by 2 x 8 hydraulic cylinder. Shield plate between middle upper tines protects cylinder. Produced from 5/8 in. thick material, lower tines are 15 in. apart to pick up brush and other debris, while leaving dirt on ground. Compact Grapple is suited for clearing brush, loading... Read More

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Shaking Incubators offer 4 load bearing positions.

Dec 17, 2004

SHELLAB Incubators features lift-out shaker platform, which accommodates range of flask clamps, test tube racks, and microtiter plate clamps. Counterbalanced weighting system is adjustable to accommodate off-center loads, varying capacities, and stroke lengths of 0.5, 0.75, and 1.0 in. Units perform complete range of shaking executions from gentle to rigorous at 30-400 rpm. Over-temperature... Read More

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In-Line Sight Glasses target sanitary applications.

Dec 13, 2004

Sanitary Sight Glasses meet process requirements of food, dairy, pharmaceutical, and beverage plants. End-cap style sight glasses are available in Lexan® or acrylic material for use with any style of sanitary clamp. In-line sight glasses adapt to bevel seat, buttweld, I-line, John Perry, or Q-line type ends. These glasses use Pyrex® glass with white buna gaskets, resisting bacterial growth.... Read More

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Lightbar Guidance System suits agriculture applications.

Dec 07, 2004

AgGPS® EZ-Guide® Plus lightbar guidance system is available with choice of steering systems. AgGPS EZ-Steer(TM) provides assisted steering for vehicles with 6-12 in. pass-to-pass accuracy. It uses GPS and electric motor mounted on steering column to keep vehicle on line without use of hydraulics. AgGPS Autopilot(TM) provides fully automated steering capabilities for operations requiring... Read More

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Incubator includes built-in orbital shaker.

Nov 19, 2004

Model 311DS features Smart Chek(TM) temperature control system to regulate incubator's temperature with accuracy and stability of ±0.1°C. As added protection for valuable samples, independent, user-settable safety thermostat can be adjusted to take control of interior temperature if it rises as little as 1°C over set point. Mechanical convection provides uniformity of ±0.5°C and promotes... Read More

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Monitor Control System controls and automates bale pick-up.

Oct 26, 2004

BALER BOSS allows security control of access to use of balers and accountability of bales produced. Users can be added or locked out and controlled access to baler can be made with assigned ID entered on keypad or with Bale Pass. System will trigger automatic request for pick-up, sent to hauler/recycler's PC or fax. Bale Edge Software provides communication capability for one baler or thousands. Read More

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Fittings suit agricultural water applications.

Sep 08, 2004

Offered in sizes up to 12 in., Agri-Lock fittings and couplings provide quick-disconnect capability for non-hazardous applications. Suited for agricultural suction and discharge of water, as well as for irrigation and dewatering applications, products are made of galvanized steel and feature ball-head design that allows for offset coupling. Pin-locking device is available to provide extra... Read More

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Tank and Kettle Brushes feature nylon or polyester bristles.

Jul 19, 2004

Rolmar Tank and Kettle Brushes are available in 5 bristle colors to help comply with HAACP color-coding recommendations. Flared bristle design assures thorough cleaning of tanks and kettles at any angle. Matching-color fiberglass threaded handles are available in 36, 48, and 60 in. lengths for variety of cleaning applications. Effective in food, dairy, and beverage processing, small brush... Read More