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One Component LED Curable System Meets USP Class VI Specifications for Biocompatibility

Mar 12, 2014

Widely used in the manufacture of disposable medical devices, Master Bond LED403Med is a single component system that passes the plastics test for USP Class VI and ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity requirements. This medical grade system withstands sterilization methods such as gamma radiation, EtO and various chemical sterilants. Optically clear LED403Med cures fully tack-free upon exposure to a 405 nm... Read More

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Thermally Conductive Epoxy Adhesive complies with RoHS.

Mar 10, 2014

Available in dual cartridges, EB-127TC exhibits lap shear strength of greater than 3,500 psi. Aluminum metal filled, 2-part adhesive also has low chloride ion content, low outgassing, and 60 minute work life, making it suitable for applications requiring thermal conductivity and high volume efficiency. Product complies with RoHS initiative as well as REACH regulations. Read More

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Molecular Material Changes Help Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies Simrit Address Hydraulic Challenges

Mar 07, 2014

New polyurethane will be showcased at company's IFPE booth (#81330) LAS VEGAS – Amid the giant earthmoving machinery and massive hydraulic components on display at 2014 Fluid Power, Power Transmission, Motion Control Exposition (IFPE) and CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas, is a new break-through technology that relies upon molecular innovation. Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies Simrit will... Read More

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Pumpcoat Adds Sauereisen Epoxy Product Line

Mar 05, 2014

Pumpcoat~PCI Contractors have long been an expert in the coating field. Our experience has allowed us to provide valued service in repairing corrosion and erosion damage to pump parts, mechanical equipment, tanks, floors and other items. Pumpcoat~PCI is pleased to announce the addition of the Sauereisen product line to our arsenal of quality coating materials. Industrial clients rely on... Read More

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Translucent Acrylic Pressure-Sensitive Tape bonds clear materials.

Mar 04, 2014

Able to replace mechanical fasteners or welds, PHB1000 provides uniform bond between diverse substrates, including glass and other clear materials, as well as intricate shapes. Product withstands weathering, moisture, and temperatures from -30 to +200°F without losing adhesion and will not harden, stain, or become brittle with age. Also effective in dampening vibration, sound, and shock,... Read More

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These Joysticks Rock!

Feb 28, 2014

Myth Busting Threadlockers Can't Be Reused FALSE. Unlike liquid anaerobic sealant threadlockers, all APM value-added threadlocking enhancements are reusable and can be adjusted in one hour, one day, one year and beyond. APM self-sealing fasteners with optional threadlocking form a clean, dry system. No chemical fumes for employees to inhale and no environmental disposal issues. When liquid... Read More

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Low Cost Electrically Conductive Epoxy

Feb 27, 2014

40-3909 Silver Coated Nickel Offers Low Cost Alternative to Silver Filled Epoxy  CRANSTON, RI USA — With a volume resistivity of .005, 40-3909 provides a reliable electrical connection at about half the price of silver filled epoxies.  Because of its ability to cure at room temperature and easy 1:1 mix ratio, this material works well for repairs, even in the field.  Cure time can be... Read More

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UL Listed, Easy to Use Potting Compound

Feb 27, 2014

50-3152FR Thermally Conductive Compound Self-Extinguishes and Mixes in Equal Parts CRANSTON, RI USA — Epoxies, Etc. continues to formulate new products to meet industry need, this time creating a unique thermally conductive potting compound.  While many thermally conductive compounds meet the stringent non-burning requirements of UL's 94 V-0 standard, few have the added advantage of being... Read More

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Heraeus Photovoltaics Business Unit to Attend PV EXPO Japan 2014

Feb 27, 2014

Heraeus to showcase their new metallization pastes for conventional and novel cell designs for higher cell efficiencies HANAU, Germany and TOKYO – The Heraeus Photovoltaics Business Unit will be attending PV EXPO to be held at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan, from February 26-28, 2014. Heraeus will be highlighting their new metallization pastes for conventional and novel cell designs. These pastes have... Read More

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10-3062 Suitable for Food Packaging Industry

Feb 26, 2014

10-3062 Epoxy Great for Sealing and Bonding CRANSTON, RI USA — 10-3062, by Epoxies, Etc., is a two component epoxy compound that is easy to use and a good solution for applications where proper handling of wet or dry food materials is important.  10-3062 meets the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations permitting use in “indirect” food contact applications.  The raw materials used... Read More

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Don't Sweat Extreme Temperatures

Feb 26, 2014

20-1650 Silicone Potting and Encapsulating Compound Can Withstand the Heat CRANSTON, RI USA — 20-1650, by Epoxies, Etc., is a two component silicone elastomer designed specifically for applications where a large amount of heat is emitted such as in oil drilling or high voltage assemblies.  Even for a silicone, which can operate under fairly high temperatures, 20-1650 outperforms.  It operates... Read More

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Application Is a Breeze with Convenient Syringe Packaging

Feb 25, 2014

CRANSTON, RI USA – Odorless, Strong Bonding UV Adhesive Made Easy to Use 60-7158, a UV Curable Epoxy Adhesive, is specially formulated for excellent adhesion to rigid substrates.  Its high thixotropic index ensures the material stays in place, making it a great choice for glob top or other applications where flow control is important.  60-7158 is available in syringes making precise... Read More

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Not Your Typical Flame Retardant

Feb 25, 2014

CRANSTON, RI USA – You’ll Wish Every Thermally Conductive Compound Was This Easy To Use... But you won't have to... because 50-3152FR has everything you look for in a Thermally Conductive Potting Compound.   Aside from offering fast heat dissipation and stability during thermal cycling, 50-3152FR has some exceptional properties that make it stand out from the rest.  The most notable would... Read More

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Flooring/Wall Products target restaurant industry professionals.

Feb 21, 2014

Used for floor and wall resurfacing, restoration, and protection, HardCore system creates durable floors and walls over new or damaged concrete and other substrates. System includes application of 5 products in various combinations: HardShield water-based, clear epoxy sealer; HardFlor heavy-duty, ¼ in. bonded industrial flooring surfaces; HardCote customizable coating for walls; HardCure... Read More

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Conductive Adhesive targets die-attach applications.

Feb 19, 2014

Able to cure in 30 minutes at 80°C or in seconds at 200°C, CA-180 Low Temperature Cure/Snap Cure Conductive Adhesive has optimized rheology for needle dispensing by time-pressure, auger, or positive displacement. After curing for 30 minutes at 80°C, electrical conductivity is 0.00006 Ω-cm. Product is suited for die-attach applications in smart cards, circuit assembly, photonics, and camera... Read More

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Rigid, Abrasion Resistant Two Component Epoxy for Bonding, Coating, and Sealing Applications

Feb 19, 2014

Engineered with a silicon carbide filler material, Master Bond EP21SC-1 delivers abrasion resistance for an array of chemical and mechanical processing applications. This epoxy has a smooth paste consistency and a non-critical one to one mix ratio by weight or volume. As a two part system, it cures readily at room temperature or more quickly at elevated temperatures. With a Shore D hardness... Read More

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Saint-Gobain Seals Group Exhibiting at Pittcon 2014 to Showcase Their Innovative Sealing and Polymer Solutions in Life Sciences Industry

Feb 19, 2014

GARDEN GROVE, CALIFORNIA – From March 3 to 6, Saint-Gobain Seals Group, a trusted manufacturing partner in the Life Sciences market for over 30 years, will be showcasing their wide range of sealing and polymer solutions at Pittcon 2014 in Chicago, Illinois.  Pittcon is the world's largest annual conference and exposition for laboratory science, an event known for its valuable learning... Read More

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Keeping Airports Dry and Safe from the Ground Up

Feb 18, 2014

With the Middle East set to become just one direct flight away for seven billion people by 2025, it is fast becoming the global centre for aviation. As a result of this exponential increase in popularity, airports all over the Gulf region are being transformed at an unprecedented rate to meet these new demands. As waterproofing usually only accounts for 3 - 5% of a construction project's total... Read More

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Ellsworth Adhesives Europe Offering 3M's New Range of VHB Tapes

Feb 14, 2014

3M, the world's leading adhesives manufacturer, has just announced the expansion of its VHB Tape RPXX series. The new product range will include five different callipers with both paper and filmic liner variants and is available for purchase from Ellsworth Adhesives Europe. The filmic liner is available on RP16F, RP25F, RP32F, RP45F and RP62F in log roll format only and offers a number of new... Read More

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Zinc Aerosol Spray protects metals underwater.

Feb 05, 2014

Offering protection above and below waterline, Prop Coat Barnacle Barrier forms optimal bond to bare metals, inhibiting corrosion and preserving surface integrity. Coating is suitable for use on aluminum, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, bronze, galvanized steel, and lead. Applied with 2-3 spray coats, product provides smooth, hard surface that self-cleans. It is available in flat... Read More