Please Note: Our Refocus on Product News

The next time ThomasNet News hits your inbox, the format will be somewhat different than what you see here. To bring you timely information on new product developments specific to your interests and industry, we'll be delivering customizable Product News Alerts, on your preferred delivery schedule.

Simply choose the news that matters to you.

You can specify product news from over 50 vertical market categories - as many or as few as are relevant to you. You can choose to receive your Alerts in real time, or on a daily, twice-weekly or weekly schedule. Whichever schedule you choose, you'll stay "in the know" with timely news that can inform your decision-making on everything from design and development, to sourcing and procurement, to manufacturing processes.

Why the change?

As industry's leader in supplier discovery and product sourcing solutions, ThomasNet is refocusing our online news offerings to align 100 percent with those endeavors. We are proud of the industry news and analysis we have provided in recent years; we were one of a sea of providers of such content. With our renewed focus on news that enhances supplier discovery and product sourcing efforts, we're recommitting to the global community of buyers, engineers and suppliers within the platform. And we look forward to bringing you your customized Product News Alerts.

If you're already subscribed to Product News Alerts, you'll continue to receive them on your usual preferred delivery schedule.

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