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Editor's Note: Making Marketing 'Pop'

Aug 19, 2014

Through the years, information marketing became content marketing. The use of educational material to inform and entertain is not new, but the buzzword and social media have transformed how it's done. The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta is a great example.

For a building, the World of Coca-Cola could be one of the greatest promotional vehicles ever created. There aren't many places where people pay to learn more about a product and the organization behind it. It's a marketer's fizzy dream come true.

While in Atlanta recently, I visited the museum, handing over the entrance fee and getting entranced for a couple of hours. Anyone who's been there knows that a lot more than product marketing (like free tastings of 60 international Coke beverages) is at work. There's also the viewing of memorabilia, a watered-down version of a bottling plant, and short films discussing Coke advertisements through the years - aka content marketing. Manufacturing companies don't have Coca-Cola's luxury of being able to use commercials as a commercial, but their marketers are taking up content marketing nonetheless. And they are doing it on social media, with videos, as a guest article from ZOG Digital informs.

There's good and bad news. Only 30 percent of manufacturing marketers say they are effective at content marketing. But they are using video to do storytelling increasingly rather than hard sell through product demos. They are engaging and gaining followers, fostering brand awareness, and retaining customer loyalty rather than simply generating leads - just like the pull marketing the World of Coca-Cola uses. Some have even used humor. In our digital media age, video content marketing on social networks will share more marketing budget dollars with in-person events and is something every manufacturer must learn to master.

William Ng, Editor-in-Chief,