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Social Media is the New Recruiting Rule

Mar 19, 2013

Facebook may be seen as a personal networking site for sharing updates with friends, but it is also a valuable recruiting tool for staffing professionals looking to place candidates. A new survey reveals that the benefits of such social media sites are growing for recruiters, with more using the web to search and place employees in 2013 than in previous years.

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According to a report from Bullhorn, an international recruitment software company, social media is the single greatest opportunity for recruiters to find passive candidates in 2013. In 2012, 98 percent of respondents logged on to social media to recruit, versus 94 percent in 2011. The company's recruiting trends report was based on a survey of 1,848 staffing professionals in North America.

"Finding passive candidates through social media was considered to have greater potential to advance the recruiting industry than introducing more efficient business processes, an increase in flexible roles and workspaces, untapped growth in emerging economies, increased business due to recruiting consolidation, and sourcing from overseas," according to the report.

For recruiters, some social sites are more valuable than others. More staffing respondents (16.7 percent) said that they had success placing candidates found on Facebook than candidates they found on Twitter (12.7 percent). Even so, LinkedIn is still the top social media recruiting tool: 92.9 percent of respondents said that that the professional networking job site produced candidates that they were successfully able to place.

And that trend will continue in 2013, with 82.6 percent of recruiters saying they will use LinkedIn "more extensively" this to find candidates this year. Google+, seen as Facebook's rival, will also get more traction (22 percent) from recruiters this year.

Even though 83 percent of recruiters indicated that they use social media to find passive candidates and fill jobs quickly, 33 percent also said that their biggest challenge for 2013 is a lack of skilled candidates, which is a nationwide issue.

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