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Survey Reveals Best and Worst Cities to Find a Job

Jan 16, 2013

Finding a new job in 2013 is at the top of the resolutions list for many professionals nationwide. In fact, one in five stated that they will begin looking for a new position during the first three months of the year, a recent Glassdoor study revealed. Where should prospective employees look?

A new survey by online career source CareerBliss reveals the best and worst places to score a new job in 2013. The company created the rankings list by compiling employee-submitted company reviews and adding that data to job openings and employment trends around the country.

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Such a list - which ranks Los Angeles as the number one place to land a new job and Boulder, Colo., as the worst city for career hunting - is a good resource for 55 percent of the job candidates surveyed by Glassdoor who indicated that location and commute were the most important influential factors in accepting a job offer.

"...Our unique understanding of what makes people happy at work, combined with our knowledge of job trends, and unique career tools available on our website enables us to share information with people to help them assess the best location for their career," said Heidi Golledge, CareerBliss CEO and co-founder, in an announcement of the findings.

CareerBliss also recently published a list of cities with the happiest (Dayton, Ohio) and unhappiest workers (Boulder, Colo.).

Here is the CareerBliss list. Did your city make the cut? If so, do you agree with the rankings?

Best Cities for a Job in 2013

1)      Los Angeles

2)      Tucson

3)      Dayton, Ohio

4)      Virginia Beach

5)      Richmond

6)      St. Louis

7)      Birmingham

8)      Houston

9)      Indianapolis

10)    Dallas


Worst Cities for a Job in 2013

1)      Boulder

2)      Milwaukee

3)      Buffalo

4)      Wichita

5)      Allentown

6)      El Paso

7)      Baltimore

8)      Philadelphia

9)      New York

10)    Reno