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Worth a Look: The Car of the Future

Dec 05, 2012

Plus: White House Turns Down Fiscal Cliff Offer, Living Up to Your Potential, Smart Cities, Trimming Email Length and Investing in Older Entrepreneurs.

Sometimes the Internet seems like it's gotten too big. To help navigate this sea of information, Industry Market Trends' weekly Worth a Look feature spotlights some of the more interesting, informative and amusing resources that might have slipped under your radar - all in bite-sized chunks.

  • White House Rejects GOP's Fiscal Cliff Counter Offer | This week, President Barack Obama's administration turned down a proposal from House Republicans to resolve the fiscal cliff issue, stating the GOP must "get serious" with their approach. The Republicans' $2.2 trillion deal would reduce Medicare and Social Security benefits while bringing in $800 billion in higher tax revenue, but without any tax increases on the wealthy. The proposal was a counteroffer to the White House's initial plan to raise taxes by $1.6 trillion over the next 10 years without cutting into Medicare and Social Security.

  • How to Hit Your Full Potential Every Day | Improving and sustaining productivity isn't a matter of iron will or self-discipline. In fact, there are a number of small steps any worker can take to ensure he or she is performing at peak levels every day, including: drinking water to avoid being dehydrated in the morning; prioritizing the top three tasks that need to be handled that day; making sure the majority of one's time is spent on important individual tasks rather than multitasking; and finding ways to evaluate the successes and failures of the work day.

  • 10 Smartest Cities in North America | Many metropolitan areas are building high-tech infrastructure - implementing innovative advances in business, science, technology and sustainability - but some are outpacing their peers. Co.Exist has ranked the top 10 "smart cities" in North America, based on the scale and sophistication of their improvement efforts. Find out if your area has made the cut.

  • Why Your Emails Are Too Long | The modern workplace couldn't exist without the ability to communicate instantaneously, but email messages can produce their own set of problems. For one thing, they're often too long, meaning they may go unread or create bottlenecks in someone's inbox. CBS MoneyWatch identifies some of the key reasons your emails aren't concise, such as not being sure of what you want to say in the first place; forwarding entire threads rather than just the relevant sections; and neglecting to edit a message down to its most important points.

  • Older Entrepreneurs May Be a Better Bet | We often hear success stories about young people fresh out of college who manage to secure major investments for their business ideas, but funding older entrepreneurs is actually a smarter bet. Research indicates that the highest success rate among entrepreneurs is for those aged 55-64, more than twice the rate for those aged 20-34. These baby boomer entrepreneurs are able to bring considerably more experience and know-how to a new business, giving them a competitive advantage.

  • The Car of the Future | What's next in the world of vehicular technology? A new infographic shows how emerging advances will combine to create the car of the future, which will feature laser sighting systems, ultrasonic and radar sensors, self-healing coatings and autonomous driving capabilities.