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Sustainability Spotlight: Elemental LED Offers Retrofit Lighting Solutions to Building Professionals

May 17, 2012

Demonstrating its commitment to helping customers conserve energy and keep energy costs low, Elemental LED, a Bay Area-based LED lighting company, has launched the Build program, a resource for building professionals seeking commercial-grade LED lighting products for building retrofits. The program also offers end-to-end energy-saving solutions through its New Project Tool Kit, which provides customers with comprehensive LED lighting solutions for any type of project.

Elemental LED will assign to each project a dedicated specialist who will help identify the right LED lighting solution based on the project's specifications. Customers are encouraged to take advantage of Elemental LED's sample program, which allows them to "test drive" the lighting solution to see if it works in the real-world application. The lighting specialists will also research local rebates and incentives, which can significantly reduce the cost of any LED lighting project, and will also supply each customer with a Lighting Project Calculator. The calculator will allow customers to see how much their current lighting is costing, how much will be saved once the new LED lighting is installed and what the payback period is. The company has also partnered with an energy-management software company to offer a free tool to track a building's energy-consumption over time.

According to Elemental LED, among the most popular product offerings in the Build program are T8 and T12 LED fixtures from On-Q that replace T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes. On-Q LED T8 tubes use only 16 watts of energy and reduce energy use by 30 to 70 percent compared with traditional fluorescent fixtures. On-Q's utility lighting fixtures were named a winner at the Next Generation Luminaires competition during LIGHTFAIR International, held earlier this month in Las Vegas.

"LED replacements for fluorescent T8 tubes are one of the most sought after retrofit products these days. Elemental LED is excited to join the market for this super cost- and energy-saving tool," says Matthew John, director of business development at Elemental LED.

To learn more about this program and how to get started, visit Elemental LED's website at