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6 Green Links for the Middle of the Week

Feb 29, 2012

Here is a round up of some of the most interesting green & clean links we've come across to help you get through the Wednesday doldrums.

  • Inhabitat has a cool slideshow of a Victorian factory in England that has been revamped and renovated into a new space by Project Orange. Project Orange focused on preserving the industrial look of neighborhoods while reusing the spaces for 21 century life.

  • If you were thinking of junking your old clunker, WebEcoist might make you rethink your decision: check out all these new items made from recycled cars - including a jacket, a garden and furniture.

  • Worldchanging has pictures of "home office garden sheds" that make getting work done charming and relaxing. Author Lloyd Alter notes that the office sheds are "more than just cute; they can be a major part of a carbon footprint reduction strategy." Our favorite is the Kubrickian Immersive Cocoon.

  • What do electric cars and pollution have in common? Omar Khalidy at Alternative Consumer takes a look at a recent study conducted in China showing the correlation between coal power and electric vehicles.

  • Alternative Consumer also has some pretty neat pictures of an off-grid and self-sufficient New Mexico house designed by Edge Architects that functions by using photovoltaic panels, rain-capturing gutters and heat sensitive walls.

  • A different kind of tree house: WebEcoist found the 14 coolest houses that have tree-inspired designs. Museums, banquet halls and restaurants have been made to look like canopies, trunks and branches the world over.