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Interbrand Releases 2011 Rankings of Best Global Green Brands

Aug 30, 2011

Interbrand, a leading brand consultant, has released the Best Global Green Bands 2011 rankings. The top 50 brands were rated based on public perception of environmental sustainability performance with demonstration of that performance based on publicly available information and data.

Interbrand used their annual Best Global Brands report as the foundation for their first ranking of green brands.  Based on analysis of publicly available data and data from Thomson Rueter's ASSET4 that includes environmental sustainability performance data for over 3,000 companies, Interbrand incorporate this information with their own understanding of how brands create brand value.

The strongest green brands consistently differentiate themselves and engage in green activities that consumers find relevant, as well as implement profitable green practices across their organization, from setting and executing environmental programs to effectively measuring and reporting their performance to the public.

"As corporate citizenship increasingly becomes the norm, green initiatives may be among the most visible and easiest to claim and yet, can be the most challenging to deliver performance against," said Jez Frampton, global CEO at Interbrand. "We believe the strongest green brands lie at the intersection of performance and perception: their ability to build stronger connections with consumers as a result of actionable and credible environmental practices."

The top ten global green brands are:

1. Toyota

2. 3M

3. Siemans

4. Johnson & Johnson

5. HP

6. VW

7. Honda

8. Dell

9. Cisco

10. Panasonic

 For the full list of the top 50 brands, click here.