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Product Spotlight: Re-Usable Pallet Wrapper Provides Alternative to Stretch Wrap

Feb 18, 2011

In warehousing and manufacturing environments, pallet wrappers are commonplace. They are used in storing and shipping of materials and goods. Most people don't realize the amount of plastic shrink wrap that is used in manufacturing and shipping. This is a large source of waste material that is generally not put into the recycling stream. Amici Enterprises has developed an alternative to shrink wrap: the Envirowrapper Re-usable Pallet Wrapper™.

The Envirowrapper is made of light, extremely durable polypropylene material, straps and new patented AMICI super tough plastic buckles. When properly applied, the Envirowrapper produces a tremendous amount of tension that helps to protect and stabilize a palletized load - reducing the possibility of damages. Benefits of the Envirowrapper include:

  • Reduce stretch wrap costs, damage claims, waste disposal expenses, plastic stretch wrap and other shipping wastes.
  • Last approximately three to five years.
  • Are fast and easy to apply and remove by one person.
  • Are reusable, repairable, recyclable and washable.
  • Won't cling to stretch wrap or each other.
  • Provide staff with a consistent method of securing a load.

Available in many sizes and options, Envirowrappers are being used by many companies, the latest being Premier Organics, makers of Artisana Organic Foods. For Premier Organics, they expect to reduce approximately 4,500 lb of material annually, or about 40% of the company's pallet-wrap usage.

The reusable wrap is said to reduce waste and also lower the cost of damages in-transit because it provides for a more secure wrap. Envirowrappers can be made in customized sizes to fit specific needs, including refrigerated products like ice cream. Although the Envirowrapper is made of plastic, it can be used 250 or more times before it wears down. Each unit costs between $40 and $70 depending on the size, country of manufacture, and volume.