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Sustainability Spotlight: The Packaging Association Recognizes Sustainable Innovation

Dec 23, 2010

The "PAC Green Den - Fast Track to Sustainable Innovation" competition, conducted at PACK EXPO International 2010, awarded the top prize to MicroGreen Polymers' InCycle method for reducing the cost of recycled plastics. The InCycle processing technique increases the efficiency of recycled PET by adding a gas that expands the length and width of solid polymer sheets, making it more lightweight, insulating, and cost effective. For example, using this process the plastic from one 20 oz. beverage bottle could produce 12 hot-beverage cups that would replace the polystyrene and coated paperboard cups that dominate the market today. Learn more about the product at

The first runner up was the EcoPure additive from Ecologic, which accelerates the decomposition of plastic discarded in landfills. 100% organic and non-starch based, the additives coats plastics in microbes that consume plastics and also attract other microbes that accelerate the biodegradable breakdown of a plastic container.  Learn more about EcoPure at

Henkel's MiraFoil was named as second runner up. MiraFoil is an ink designed to give the appearance of foil, while maintaining the disposal need-based usage properties of ink. This innovation prevents excessive foil printing and allows for more efficient recycling of a package. Learn more about MiraFoil at

Other participating PAC Green Den Innovators included AFA Systems Ltd , Avery Dennison,  BIOPAQ®, Cryotech International, FOX IV Technologies Inc., Package Machinery Company, and Ropak Packaging. All 10 presenters were granted one-on-one meetings with representatives from a number of consumer packaged goods companies, including: Colgate, Con-Agra Foods, Henkel, Kraft Foods, Maple Leaf Foods, McCain Foods, MolsonCoors Brewing Company, Unilever and Wal-Mart.