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Do Lighting Retrofits Actually Pay Off?

Nov 24, 2010

Here's a way to find out: Precision Paragon (P2), a manufacturer of energy efficient lighting for commercial and industrial buildings, offers the Lighting Retrofit Calculator so that customers can see the effects retrofit lighting has on their energy usage.  According to P2, 40% of the electricity used in a typical commercial building is from lighting.

The calculator works this way: provide information on the facility such as type (office, warehouse, or manufacturing plant), size, cost of electricity, and operating hours per year and hit the button. The results returned are much more than just a dollar amount. The cost savings are given and the environmental benefits and equivalent resources that would be saved are also provided.

Changing out inefficient lighting to energy efficient products is the easiest way to become more sustainable. P2 puts the benefits into an easily understandable format with clear-cut information and examples. The company claims that the cumulative energy savings of all the energy-efficient fixtures they have produced since 1992 have been 8+ billion kWh. This resulted in a reduction of 11 billion pounds of CO2, 20+ million pounds of NO, and 35+ million pounds of SO2. This equates to 1.7 million cars taken off the road for one year, 881 million gallons of gasoline not burned, 39,239  rail cars full of coal not burned, 992,327 households powered for one year, and 63,187 acres of forest preserved from deforestation.