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Global IT Leaders Form Workgroup to Further Computing Energy Efficiency

Nov 23, 2010

Climate Savers Computing Initiative, a global consortium dedicated to reducing the energy consumption of end-to-end computing, has launched an industry workgroup tasked with developing energy efficiency targets and best practices for networking technologies, with the goal of improving the energy efficiency of networking equipment such as routers, switches and connected devices that power everything from the Internet to mobile technologies. They estimate that the global IT industry could avoid up to $5 billion in energy costs by 2015 through the use of more energy efficient networking equipment.

The Networking Workgroup brings together leadership from the global tech community, including companies such as Cisco, CompTIA, Emerson Network Power, Finisar, HP, Intel, Juniper Networks, and Sony Electronics.

The workgroup's charter stipulates that the organization will utilize current industry metrics to develop targets and best practices that significantly advance the energy efficiency of networking devices; increase commercial awareness and adoption of higher efficiency networking equipment technology; and advance end-to-end network energy efficiency.

Climate Savers Computing Initiative was founded in 2007 and boasts more than 650 members, including large commercial enterprises and technology industry stakeholders. Dedicated to reducing the energy consumption of the IT sector, its efforts have led to the reduction of annual CO2 emissions by more than 32 million metric tons through the deployment of PC and desktop power management and high efficiency computing equipment.

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