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Rechargeable LED Light Bulb Makes U.S. Debut

Oct 21, 2010

A rechargeable light bulb? What? And why? A new product is hitting the market that could revolutionize lighting (or could just be another gimmick that will flop).  From the marketing info, it sounds like a pretty cool product: MagicBulb, the award winning light bulb that will stay lit after the power cuts out.

MagicBulb is an LED bulb that is rechargeable, cuts energy use, doubles as a flashlight, and is eco-friendly. Said to last for 20,000 hours, the MagicBulb does not contain any harmful elements and has three different switch functions to alter how the bulb is used:

Bottom switch: Can be used as a normal light bulb (when electricity supply is on, light stays on. When electricity supply is off, light stays off.)

Middle switch: Rapid recharging for the built in rechargeable battery and light will stay off.

Top switch: Light always stay on when electricity supply is switched on (but when electricity supply is switched off, light will stay on for 3 hours provided the built in battery is fully charged).

When bulb is removed for the socket, if the battery is charged it can used as a flashlight by pulling down the bottom end to form a handle.  

Available in two sizes, the MagicBulb replaces all types of E27 or E26 socket light bulbs and emits a natural, UV and infrared free light.

Check out the video: