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Kimberly-Clark Wants You to Save Water

Oct 05, 2010

The Kimberly-Clark Corp., makers of Scott Naturals toilet paper, spends a lot of time thinking about bathrooms and what goes on in them. Understanding that people use a lot of water in bathrooms has spurred the company into an ingenious marketing campaign: give away water-saving devices free with purchase of toilet paper.

With water shortages becoming a current and future problem, the American Water Works Association says that toilet flushing in the number one use of water in the home, not showering or bathing as most consumers believe. Kimberly-Clark wants to raise awareness of this issue and has devised a device called the Smart Flush bag.

The Smart Flush is placed in the toilet tank and the material in the bag absorbs water and expands, reducing the amount of water consumed in each flush by up to 1 liter. A family of four could save 2,000 gallons of water per year and the device can last for years.

"Kimberly-Clark and the Scott Naturals brand are committed to sustainability and to preserving natural resources for future generations," said Doug Daniels, Scott brand manager. "The Smart Flush device makes it easy for consumers to conserve by reducing the water consumed by each toilet flush. This innovative solution aligns with Scott Naturals brand's approach of making it easy for environmentally aware consumers to take a green step at home, without changing their normal routines."

 The bags will be given away with purchase of an 8- or 12-pack of Scott Naturals toilet paper at national retailers in September and October, while supplies last. If demands warrant, the company may continue to manufacture the bags.