Industry Market Trends

The Old is New Again

Jul 29, 2010

There are so many choices today for packaging beverages: glass, aluminum, plastic. The trend has been to move away from the older generation glass and aluminum in favor of the newer lightweight plastic PET bottles. Well, one German company is bucking the trend and switching back to aluminum cans for soda and beer. is reporting that Penny Markt, a German discount chain, is switching 10 beverages (Bitburger, König Pilsner and Adelskronen, and Pepsi, Pepsi Light, Coca-Cola, Schwip Schwap, Fanta, Sprite and Red Bull) back to cans because aluminum can be recycled back into cans indefinitely whereas PET bottles have a limited amount of times it can be re-used. In addition to their ability to be more effectively recycled  , cans are more compact during transportation leaving 18 percent less empty space during transportation than plastic bottles and 49 percent less empty space than glass bottles. The recycling rate in Germany for aluminum cans is around 96%.