Zythane® 7075AW, 7085AF, 7085AW Receive Top UL Flame Rating V-0

Romulus, MI (March 27, 2019) APS Elastomers’ Zythane® 7000-Series of non-halogen flame retardant thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) just received the top UL Flame Rating of V-0; besting competitors rating of equivalent material.

Zythane® 7075AW, 7085AW and 7085AF are polyether-based non-halogenated FR TPU specifically formulated for both injection molding and extrusion applications with ease of processing. It exhibits excellent flame retardant, abrasion resistance and toughness and has good hydrolytic stability, oil, fuel and solvent resistance. It is supplied uncolored in pellet form.

Typical applications for these flame retardant TPUs include cable sheathing, spiral and pneumatic tubing, film, irrigation hoses, conveyor hoses, hydraulic hoses, flat flex cables, and automotive sensor cables.

APS Elastomers is an independent TPU, TPE, TPV and other elastomer resource owned and operated by Stephane Morin and Roger Huarng; offering in-depth product development and support to OEMs and processors. Roger Huarng, a chemical engineer, works closely with producers under private labels in Asia and Europe developing and formulating Zythane® products. His industry knowledge is key in recognizing strengths and rectifying weaknesses in chemistry and processes.

"Our biggest asset is our technical knowledge; allowing us to quickly develop and make the right assessment on the material that is needed," Morin said. "We've become not only a supplier of material, but a producer of special grades and technical resource for our customers."

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