Zylight Z50 Wins Product of Year Award

CHELMSFORD, Mass--Zylight, the leader in intelligent LED lighting for the film and video production industry, is proud to announce the Z50 Intelligent LED light has been chosen as Product Of The Year by Live Design Magazine. A celebration of the best new gear in entertainment technology, the award was judged by a expert panel of lighting designers and technicians. The revolutionary Z50 is lauded as "a clever and highly useful solution for designers and technicians across the spectrum of entertainment technology" by David Johnson, Editorial Director/Associate Publisher of Live Design. The Z50 will be honored during Live Design International in Las Vegas, the largest US tradeshow and conference focused on technologies for the live entertainment industry.

Zylight's intelligent Z50 can instantly change from fully calibrated 5600°K to 3200°K white light with the push of a button. When switched to creative color mode the Z50 can output any color of the rainbow and pastels, eliminating the need for gels. Designed under license from Color Kinetics (NASDAQ: CLRK), a leading innovator of LED lighting systems and technologies, the Z50 produces a soft, wide output with no hotspots. The Z50 also features patent-pending ZyLink(TM) technology, allowing lighting professionals to wirelessly link together multiple Z50's to act in concert as a unified and scaleable LED source, eliminating the need to carry large, cumbersome panel lights.

Zylight's full-color HD-led technology packs over 230 LEDs into a single square inch, creating the next-generation of LED light instruments that promise to light film and video shoots more efficiently, and with greater flexibility than ever before. For more information visit www.zylight.com.

About Zylight

Zylight LLC is a leading manufacturer of LED lighting instruments for the film and video production industry. Its easy-to-use intelligent lighting system is based on state-of-the-art LED technologies, producing fully calibrated bright white light, as well as any color forever eliminating gels. Zylight was formed in October 2004 to bring new levels of efficiency, flexibility, and creativity to the realm of film and video lighting. The company is headquartered in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. www.zylight.com.

About Color Kinetics

Color Kinetics Incorporated (NASDAQ: CLRK) transforms environments through new, dynamic uses of light. Its award-winning intelligent solid-state lighting systems and technologies apply the benefits of LEDs as a highly efficient, long lasting, environmentally friendly, and inherently digital source of illumination - reinventing light itself as a highly controllable medium. Color Kinetics also enables widespread adoption of intelligent solid-state lighting through OEM and licensing partnerships in diverse markets. The company is headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in the UK, China, and Japan.www.colorkinetics.com.

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