Zoran Integrates PVR and Set Top Box Functions into DVD Recorder Chip Set

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jan. 3 / -- Zoran Corporation (NASDAQ:ZRAN) announced its Activa 220 and 230 processors, additional members of the recently announced family of breakthrough DVD recorder solutions, are now sampling to major DVD recorder manufacturers worldwide and their capabilities are being demonstrated at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2006 in Las Vegas.

In addition to the DVD read/write front-end and back-end functions of the recently announced Activa 200 processor, the Activa 220 SOC adds a high-speed integrated drive electronics (IDE) interface to enable full personal video recorder (PVR) functionality for combination hybrid optical disk drive (ODD) and hard disk drive (HDD) recorders. This solution supports all DVD record formats as well as high-speed dubbing from DVD to hard disk or vice versa. The Activa 220 also integrates a dedicated interface to Zoran's HDXtreme video processor as an option for HD-JPEG display and HDMI output.

The Activa 230 processor integrates two digital video broadcast (DVB) transport processor interfaces with complete free-to-air support for dual tuners in addition to the complete optical disk drive ODD+HDD feature set. This high level of integration enables complete DVD recorder plus standard definition set-top box (STB) combo products to be developed using a single digital processor.

"In the Activa 200 product, Zoran integrated all the complex front-end and back-end functions of DVD recording. In the Activa 220 and 230 products, we have added new capabilities for digital broadcast support that set a new standard. Our customers can now quickly deliver to market new combo DVD recorder products with PVR or set-top box capabilities and differentiate these products for specific markets, whether destined for Asia, Europe, or the United States," said Dr. Jinxing (Gene) Liu, senior vice president, general manager DVD division at Zoran.

The Activa 220 and 230 integrated processors, along with the companion Activa 250 analog front-end chip, are single system-on-a-chip (SOC) solutions that provide the main components of a complete turnkey solution for high performance DVD+HDD recorders and combo DVDR+STB designs. All include a fully integrated DVD recordable optical front-end (read/write channel, servo, data processor, CPU), and audio/video back-end (MPEG decode/encode CPU, analog video decoder/encoder, and progressive scan output).

The Activa 230 solution further adds all necessary transport/demux functions, DVB software and tuner control I/O required for DVD recorders that support free-to-air DVB-Terrestrial or DVB-Satellite set-top boxes. This high level of integration allows consumer electronics manufacturers to achieve lower overall product development costs and a shortened time to market for DVD recorder products.

The consumer also benefits from having one less device in their AV system. Features include: a best-in-class analog video decoder with native RGB input support, 3D Y/C separation and time based correction, a video encoder, a variety of high end I/O interfaces including an integrated stereo 8 channel Class D output, a 1394 link, and a USB controller with physical layer transceiver. Both devices also interface directly to Zoran's HDXtreme video processor for HD-JPEG playback and HDMI connections to the latest generation of HDTVs.

Both the Activa 220 and 230 also support Super-Multi drives with editing in DVD-Video, DVD-VR, and DVD+VR formats, with full verifier compliant accuracy. This solution provides world-class audio video quality, excellent playability, and 100 percent standards-compliant recording capability for DVD recorders.

DVD recorder manufacturers can deliver a variety of products which address a range of worldwide market requirements, including set-top box recorders, home media servers, and digital media adapters with the Activa 220 and 230. Additional value-added features such as Gemstar EPG, YesVideo DVD authoring and certified DivX Home Theater Profile decoding enable new product model opportunities for manufacturers. All software is fully compatible with the Activa 200 solution, which preserves customer engineering investment.

Activa 220 and 230 are designed for OEMs to easily migrate from all previous Zoran DVD recording solutions. Zoran expects that Activa 220 and 230-based DVD recorders will begin production later this year. The Activa 220 + Activa 250 chipset is priced at $30 and the Activa 230 + Activa 250 chipset is priced at $35 in OEM quantities.

About Zoran Corporation

Zoran Corporation, based in Sunnyvale, California, is a leading provider of digital solutions for applications in the growing digital entertainment and digital imaging markets. With two decades of expertise developing and delivering digital signal processing technologies, Zoran has pioneered high-performance digital audio and video, imaging applications, and Connect and Share technologies for the digital home. Zoran's proficiency in integration delivers major benefits for OEM customers, including greater capabilities within each product generation, reduced system costs, and shorter time to market. Zoran-based DVD, digital camera, DTV, multimedia mobile phone, and multifunction printer products have received recognition for excellence and are now in millions of homes and offices worldwide. With headquarters in the U.S. and operations in Canada, China, England, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, Zoran may be contacted on the World Wide Web at www.zoran.com or at 408-523-6500.

Source: Zoran Corporation

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