Zirconium Fork Density Meter takes accurate measurements.

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Designed to monitor inorganic chemicals such as hydrochloric, nitric, and sulphuric acid, Micro Motion® 7826 insertion-style liquid density and concentration meter uses vibrating fork and is suited for continuous, real-time measurement and control. Corrosion-resistant instrument, suited for use in pipelines, bypass loops, and tanks, is insensitive to vibration, temperature, and pressure variations. Measurement accuracy is rated to ±0.001 g/cm³ for density and ±0.1% for concentration.

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Emerson Introduces Micro Motion Zirconium Fork Density Meter

New Zirconium fork meter extends high accuracy measurement to corrosive acids and alkalis

BOULDER, COLO (September 16, 2009) -- Emerson Process Management now offers its Micro Motion® 7826 Insertion Liquid Density and Concentration Meter in Zirconium for enhanced corrosion resistance. The new Micro Motion Zirconium fork density and concentration meter is designed to monitor inorganic chemicals such as hydrochloric, nitric and sulphuric acid. The new meter is ideal for applications in the chemical and oil & gas industries, as well as clean in place (CIP) processes in the food and beverage sector.

The Micro Motion 7826 uses a vibrating fork to measure density and concentration and is ideally suited to continuous, real-time measurement and control in pipelines, bypass loops and tanks. The Zirconium fork liquid density meter has the same form, fit and function of the existing fork density meter, offering an integral mount transmitter with two mA outputs and Modbus/RS-485 communications. Approvals for the meter include ATEX and CSA / C-US.

The Micro Motion 7826 Zirconium fork density meter, installed in an application at Momentive Performance Materials, has delivered solid results in a process that produces hydrochloric acid, which is then reused in a chemical operation within the plant. "This process requires a device that can handle the critical control of HCl concentration while being easy to clean to avoid clogging," explained Roger Knox, Momentive's instrument technician. "The Micro Motion fork delivered as we'd hoped - good density measurement for process control and easy accessibility to all wetted parts."

The 7826 can be used in process control where density or concentration is the primary control parameter for the end product, or as an indicator of some other quality control parameter such as % solids.

Constructed to meet the most demanding process applications, the 7826 is a rugged and reliable direct insertion meter that requires very little maintenance, is insensitive to vibration, temperature and pressure variations, and provides high accuracy density and concentration measurement (± 0.001g/cm³ density, ±0.1% concentration). The unique direct insertion design gives unparalleled installation flexibility to provide fully integrated density measurement.

With the introduction of the Zirconium fork density meter, Emerson has completed its corrosion resistant range of world-leading Micro Motion 7826 density and concentration meters. The range is currently available in B3 and C22 Nickel alloys, Monel 400, Titanium and Stainless Steel construction.

For detailed information on compatibility with a wide range of acids, alkalis and other chemicals - see the Micro Motion Corrosion Guide, available for download at www.MicroMotion.com within the 'Documentation' section.

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