Zip-Pak Announces the First Commercial Application of ZIP-PAK® SLIDER(TM) Advantage

Plumrose Pioneers New Resealable Closure on Bacon Package to Meet Consumer Demand for Convenience and Sustainability

Chicago, IL (November 1, 2010) - Zip-Pak, a global leader in helping consumer product companies build brands through resealable packaging, announces that Plumrose's 24-ounce Hearty Country Style Thick-Sliced Bacon packages are the first to incorporate a ZIP-PAK® SLIDER(TM) Advantage. Plumrose chose the smaller slider clip because it is easy-to-use for consumers of all ages and uses much less material to produce.

"Retailers understand that packaging is essential to connecting with consumers and are always seeking products that offer convenience," said Mike Rozzano, Executive Vice President at Plumrose Foods. "We look for packaging solutions to provide added value, and the new Slider Advantage delivers."

Plumrose also implemented a company-wide sustainability initiative, assessing its manufacturing operations and packaging solutions for opportunities to reduce energy and material usage. The Slider Advantage requires less plastic to manufacture, both the clip and profile, which enables Plumrose to provide an easy-to-open closure and simultaneously improves the company's eco-profile.

"Our focus group research shows that bacon is a product category where consumers value the convenience that resealable slider solutions offer," said Elizabeth Sheaffer, Marketing Manager at Zip-Pak. "Consumers are hungry for the same intuitive and easy-to-use functionality that they have come to expect from sliders on other products in the deli aisle."

Like the entire ZIP-PAK® SLIDER(TM) family of products, Slider Advantage is ergonomically designed, making packages easy to open and close for consumers of any age. Ideal for sliced deli meats, cheese, snacks and dry goods, frozen foods and pet treats, the new slider can be applied to pre-made pouches and form/fill/seal applications. The solution can also run on virtually all packaging formats and machinery configurations, eliminating the need to invest in new packaging lines.

"We are thrilled to be the first to market with the Slider Advantage," concludes Rozzano. "Especially for larger packages that are intended for multiple uses, incorporating a resealable closure not only adds a level of convenience but keeps our brand in front of consumers throughout the last use."

About Plumrose

Plumrose USA is a manufacturer with over 75 years of experience in providing delicious, high quality meat products throughout the United States. What started out as a sliced ham company in 1932 has expanded into a business that offers a multitude of product lines including premium bacons, packaged deli meats, quality deli counter hams, cooked ribs and canned hams.

Plumrose USA is committed to delivering optimum value to its customers and is dedicated to being one of the top suppliers of packaged deli meats, ribs and bacon to both the retail and food service trades.

About Zip-Pak

Zip-Pak, celebrating over 20 years of resealable packaging innovations, offers seven distinct technologies that provide the framework for more than 200 patented zipper profiles. A global leader for resealable packaging solutions, Zip-Pak is an Illinois Tool Works (ITW) Company. World headquarters are located in Manteno, IL, USA.

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