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Zinc Foams provide isotropic load response.

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Zinc Foams provide isotropic load response.

Mar 13, 2014 - Available in standard pore size of 4 pores/cm, with bulk density from 0.17–0.33 g/cm³, Zinc Foams come in 2 variants: 99.99% zinc deposited on polyurethane foam and ZAMAK 410 Zn /Al4/Cu1/Mg0.04 zinc alloy foam with solid ligaments. Matrix of cells and ligaments is repeatable and uniform throughout material, yielding rigid, porous, and permeable structure with controlled density of metal/unit volume. Applications include heat exchangers, catalyst substrates, energy absorbers, filters, and mixers.

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Zinc Foam with Cost-Saving Feature

Press release date: Mar 11, 2014

Coraopolis, PA ... Goodfellow has announced the availability of two variants of zinc foam:
1)    99.99% zinc deposited on a polyurethane foam
2)    ZAMAK 410 Zn /Al4/Cu1/Mg0.04 zinc alloy foam with solid ligaments

Both combine the versatile properties of zinc or its alloy with the functional benefits of a foam. This combination is expected to be of particular interest to design engineers working in the fields of heat exchangers, catalyst substrates, energy absorbers, filters and mixers.

The matrix of cells and ligaments in the foams is completely repeatable, regular and uniform throughout the material, yielding a rigid, highly porous and permeable structure with a controlled density of metal per unit volume. Zinc foam is available from Goodfellow in a standard pore size of 4 pores per centimeter (10 PPI), with a bulk density from to However, other porosities and densities may be available upon request.

These zinc and zinc alloy foams provide:
A range of strength-to-weight ratios
High surface area-to-volume ratio
Isotropic load response
Controlled stress-strain characteristics
A choice of prices and performance, thanks to manufacturing that uses a range of production processes to optimize cost savings

Cost-saving feature: For the variant deposited on a polyurethane structure, it is possible to design the finished component in the base foam before metallizing, avoiding post-machining and thereby reducing costs.

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