ZF TRW Demonstrates Semi-Automated Highway Driving Assist System

• Highway Driving Assist enables automatic steering, braking and acceleration for speeds above 40 kph

• Combines adaptive cruise control and lane centering to maintain the lane and a set interval to target vehicles ahead

• Next stage will feature 360 degree sensor system with lateral capabilities such as lane change control

LIVONIA, Mich. – ZF TRW is demonstrating its semi-automated driving capabilities today at a test track event in Berlin, Germany. Drivers will be experiencing a 'Highway Driving Assist' feature which can enable automatic steering, braking and acceleration for highway speeds from 40 kph.

Peter Lake, executive vice president, Sales and Business Development at ZF TRW commented: "We're following a building block approach to automated driving functions showcasing what is achievable today using proven technology. Drivers will need to trust the technology and see its benefits as we move along a continuum to higher degrees of automation leading to more convenience and the ultimate goal, safer vehicles and roadways."

The demonstration vehicle integrates ZF TRW's AC1000 radar and S-Cam 3 video camera sensor together with its Electrically Powered Steering Belt Drive (EPS BD) and Electronic Stability Control EBC 460 - the combination of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Centering Assist (LCA) functionalities. The ACC keeps the vehicle at a set speed until a slower vehicle appears in front or if another car cuts across the lane. It then automatically brakes and/or accelerates the vehicle to keep a driver-selected safe gap (constant time interval) behind the slower vehicle. At the same time, the forward looking camera tracks the lane markings to keep the car in the center of the lane via the electric steering system. The driver can easily override the system at any time.

Lake continued: "The prototype vehicle represents a milestone in systems integration - one of ZF TRW's core capabilities as the only complete safety systems supplier worldwide. The beauty of these technologies is their flexible or scalable nature - the same sensing hardware can be used for different functions to suit vehicle manufacturer requirements. For example, the driver assist hardware on the vehicle could also enable Emergency Steering Assist functionality.

"At a later stage, we'll be showcasing a 360 degree sensor system which will also enable vehicles to automatically overtake (lane change control). The next decade represents a huge opportunity to improve not only the driving experience, but fundamentally road safety."

ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology. The company, which acquired TRW Automotive on May 15, 2015, is now represented at about 230 locations in some 40 countries. The two companies, which were still independent in 2014, achieved a sales figure exceeding EUR30 billion with 134,000 employees. As in previous years, both companies have invested approximately 5 percent of their sales in Research and Development (recently EUR1.6 billion) in order to be successful with innovative products. ZF is one of the top three automotive suppliers worldwide.


CONTACT: Louise Colledge, Communications Manager, Europe and Asia Pacific, ZF TRW, phone: +44 (0)121 506 5317, email: louise.colledge@trw.com; John Wilkerson, Senior Communications Manager, ZF TRW, phone: +734 855 3864, email: john.wilkerson@trw.com

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