ZERO GROUND® High Frequency Extraction System (HFES®) Provides Unequaled Safety Benefits in US Mining Applications (P-07-KA070024-MSHA)

Waukegan, IL - The U.S. Department of Labor, Mine and Safety Health Administration (MSHA) confirms ZERO GROUND has now completed all requirements to supply the ZERO GROUND High Frequency Extraction System (HFES) to the US Mining Industry. The HFES installation method has been accepted by MSHA as an integral part of the HFES system to address existing safety concerns and unplanned downtime.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) generated high frequency ground currents are present wherever VFD's are in use. These damaging VFD generated currents cause arcing, sparking and shocking, and adversely affect the operation and accuracy of sensitive electronic and communications equipment, including environmental sensors used in Mine-Wide Monitoring Systems (MWMS). Although VFD generated currents cannot be eliminated, ZERO GROUND HFES is the only tested and proven cabling and grounding system to reduce VFD generated currents to safe levels, by directing these harmful currents away from hazardous locations and sensitive equipment.

As previously reported, the ZERO GROUND HFES cable assembly meets the MSHA requirement for electric cable flame resistance as 'New Technology' under 30 CFR, Part 7, Subpart K and as a flame resistant solid product. The Bureau of Mine Safety, PA, also approves the HFES cable assembly. MSHA on-site testing verifies that the ZERO GROUND HFES reduces VFD generated currents to levels that are safe and meet MSHA regulations, policies, and procedures. Excerpts from this MSHA investigative report can be viewed at: Organizations with VFD/Motor applications will achieve operating cost improvements by proactively addressing damaging VFD generated current issues which contribute to unplanned downtime.


ZERO GROUND engineers and manufactures specialty shielding and grounding solutions for government, defense and commercial applications. ZERO GROUND HFES has been successfully utilized in the Energy, Industrial, Agricultural and Medical industries. HFES meets N.E.C. 250 grounding requirements. More information is available at Or contact us at, Tel: 866-937-6463.

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