Zebra Skimmers Offers Improved Snapdragon Coalescer DOT Fittings

Cleveland, OH-Zebra Skimmers Corporation, a full line manufacturer of oil skimmers and coolant maintenance equipment, has upgraded the Snapdragon Portable Coalescer line to be fit with Department of Transportation hose fittings.

The DOT-rated fittings are used for fuel and oil tankers to prevent hazardous leaks on the roadways. Used on the Snapdragon line, they will prevent air leaks that can reduce vacuum pressure and thus inhibit its flow performance.

Steve Davidian, President of Zebra Skimmers Corporation, said, "Past customers have had vacuum loss issues, and these problems were traced to the fittings being used. We expect this corrective action to solve these related issues, lowering the user's troubleshooting and maintenance requirements and for overall better system performance."

Snapdragon is Zebra Skimmers' portable coalescing system for use on multiple machine tool sumps to filter tramp oils and fine particulate from metalworking fluids to promote healthier, longer-lasting coolant.

Zebra Skimmers, the leader in coolant maintenance for over a decade, invents new technology to save customers money on coolant while reducing waste. Zebra Skimmers markets and supports its equipment worldwide. Most products are guaranteed for at least one year and some for life.

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