Z-Flex Designs New Z-Vent(TM) Drain-Backflow Adapter for Takagi On-Demand Water Heaters

Etobicoke, Ontario - Z-Flex has designed a brand new drain-backflow adapter for Takagi on-demand water heaters. This new, all-in-one part incorporates individual design improvements made with multiple parts through extensive product research and development and has patent(s) pending.

As OEM supplier to Takagi for the venting of their innovative and industry-leading on-demand water heaters, Z-Flex has all but eliminated the use of three separate parts and integrated them into one single solution. This elimination of multiple product SKU's has gained praise from distributors, while the reduction of installation time associated with this new single piece in the field is welcomed news to installers.

Previously, installation of the Takagi system included the use of a backflow preventer to keep cold air during the winter months from coming back through the vent and causing freezing issues. Along with this backflow preventer, a typical installation also required the use of a female-female adaptor to connect the backflow preventer, as well as a condensate drain. Preventing condensation from entering the heater is critical to its on-going trouble free operation. The R&D brain-trust at Z-Flex has designed and manufactured a new part to replace these three separate pieces, alleviating stocking issues for distributors and easing installation for contractors. The Z-Vent ID# for this ingenious part is: 2SVBFDPA04, Patent(s) pending.

To find the right size for your application or for more information about Z-Flex or the Novaflex Group, please call us at; 1-800-225-0215 (U.S.) or (416) 679-0045 or e-mail; sales@z-flex.com or visit www.z-flex.com.

About The Novaflex Group
The Novaflex Group, founded in 1977, is a privately owned North American designer and manufacturer of hose and duct products to industry for the movement of air, liquid and
materials. Throughout their twenty-nine year history, Novaflex has earned a reputation for providing innovative and high quality products for industrial venting and duct systems.

The Novaflex Group operates thirteen manufacturing, sales and distribution facilities across North America with Corporate Headquarters based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. The associated companies of The Novaflex Group are: Flexmaster Canada Ltd., Z-Flex U.S., Novaflex Industries, Uni-chem Hose Inc., Novaflex Hose, Novaflex Plastics and Techose Ltee.

The Novaflex Group attributes their success to a corporate philosophy of creating value for customers with innovative products and services that exceed customer expectations and requirements. The Company continuously seeks ways to improve the quality of their products and processes. Today, Novaflex is an industry leader whose quality products are sold across North America and internationally.

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