Ytterbium-Doped Double Clad Fiber has 140 micron core.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for ultra high power fiber amplifier, spectrally consistent HPA-Yb-140-02 is based upon proprietary confinement technology, which enables high doping concentration confined to central region of its large core as well as mode selection and reduced fiber length. Mode selection capability of confined core results in Gain Managed Large Mode Area fiber. Fiber features 400 micron cladding and absorption of 17 dB/m at 975 nm pumping.

Original Press Release:

CorActive Ships Largest Core Ytterbium Doped Double Clad Fiber

Quebec City, Quebec - March 4, 2005 - CorActive, an independent manufacturer of advanced specialty optical fiber products, has developed, manufactured and shipped a 140 micron confined core Ytterbium doped Double Clad Fiber. This is one of the largest core Ytterbium doped double clad fibers that is commercially available. CorActive's HPA-Yb-140-02 features a 140 micron core, 400 micron cladding and an absorption of 17dB/m at 975 nm pumping. Proprietary manufacturing methods ensure a high volume yield of highly spectrally consistent double clad fiber. The HPA-Yb-140-02 is commercially available and is the latest in a wide range of Ytterbium, Erbium:Ytterbium, Erbium and Thulium Double Clad fibers.

Designed specifically for an ultra high power fiber amplifier, CorActive's HPA-Yb-140-02 is based upon CorActive's proprietary "confinement" technology. Confinement Technology provides many benefits that enable advanced Doped Fiber Amplifier products. Primary among the benefits of CorActive's Confinement Technology is its unique ability to enable a high doping concentration confined to the central region of its large core enabling mode selection and reduced fiber length. The mode selection capability of the confined core results in a Gain Managed Large Mode Area fiber. The fundamental mode is more amplified in the center of the core whereas higher order modes are less amplified in the outer regions of the confined core.

CorActive's HPA-Yb-140-02 is offered as part of a complete range of Yb, Er, Er:Yb, Tm and other doped double clad optical fibers. To assist our customers in creating Fiber Laser products, CorActive offers a full range of undoped single and double clad photosensitive fibers.

About CorActive

CorActive is a well financed independent developer and manufacturer of advanced Specialty Optical Fiber (SOF) products for OEM customers serving the telecommunications, sensor, defense, security, industrial, medical and aerospace industries. CorActive uniquely offers a full line of standard SOF products, including Double Clad, Erbium Doped, Infrared Transmission, Ultra Violet Sensitive and Attenuating optical fiber, plus custom fiber development services for specific applications. At CorActive we pride ourselves in providing technologically advanced specialty optical fiber products that uniquely enable our customers to offer superior products and services. With research & development and production facilities located in Quebec City, CorActive serves a worldwide customer base for standard and custom SOF products. For more information, call toll free (866) 845-2466 in North America or (418) 845-2466 or visit

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