Yellow Lasers are designed for bioimaging and cytometry.

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Optically pumped, 561 nm wavelength semiconductor laser Sapphire(TM) 561 offers choice of 50, 75, 100 or 150 mW of output power with noise characteristics less than 0.25% rms from 20 Hz to 2 MHz. Measuring 4.9 x 2.8 x 1.3 in., they suit application in life sciences, proteomics and genomics.

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New Yellow Lasers Offer Highest Power for Bioimaging and Cytometry

Santa Clara, Calif., January 27, 2009 - Coherent, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) (Nasdaq: COHR) has unveiled a new series of yellow (561 nm) lasers that produce higher power and offer greater efficiency than anything previously available at this wavelength. Specifically, the Sapphire(TM) 561 is an optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL) that offers a choice of 50 mW, 75 mW, 100 mW or 150 mW of output power in a high quality (TEM00,M2 <1.1) beam with excellent noise characteristics (rms noise <0.25% from 20 Hz to 2 MHz). In addition, the inherently high efficiency of Coherent's OPSL technology results in four times better electrical efficiency and lower heat dissipation than products based on legacy Nd:YAG technology.

These Sapphire 561 lasers share the same compact form factor (125 x 70 x 34 mm or 4.9 x 2.8 x 1.3 in) as low power Coherent Sapphire 488 lasers. Plus all other interface and operating characteristics of the Sapphire 561 are identical with the 488 nm wavelength product, which simplifies the integration of this new wavelength into existing applications. Furthermore, the Sapphire 561 utilizes the same proven architecture, supply chain and manufacturing technology as the high volume, economical Sapphire 488 line.

The unmatched combination of performance, price, reliability and size make these Sapphire 561 lasers particularly well suited for a wide range of applications in the life sciences. For example, their high power allows faster throughput and improved signal-to-noise ratio in flow cytometry, and also enables higher frame rates or reduced exposure times in confocal microscopy. The 561 nm wavelength is also well matched to the needs of emerging applications in proteomics and genomics.

Founded in 1966, Coherent, Inc. is a Russell 2000 Index company and a world leader in providing laser-based solutions to the commercial and scientific research markets. For more information about Coherent, including product and financial updates, visit our website at

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