Yellow Jacket Announces Time and Money Saving Benefits with Its Orbital Stretch Wrapper

Douglasville, GA - Yellow Jacket, inventors and manufacturers of orbital stretch wrapping machines, is proud to highlight the benefits of its acclaimed 87M Yellow Jacket Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine. The Orbital wrapper is ideal for securing oversized, oddly shaped, palletized loads while the pallet remains on the forklift. Yellow Jacket's customers have reported anywhere from $20,000-50,000 dollars saved annually in labor costs alone. Factor in the increase in product integrity, reduction in material use and other hidden costs, and the savings are even higher.

The 87M is a horizontally positioned stretch wrap dispenser that moves around and under a load as the Yellow Jacket is manually advanced across the length of the load- significantly minimizing the time it takes to wrap a load by hand. Typically it takes 2 workers roughly 10 minutes to wrap a load by hand. Yellow Jacket can wrap a similar load with 1 worker in 1 minute. In addition to reducing the labor required to wrap by at least 50%, Yellow Jacket also eliminates the need for other strapping materials or expensive cartons to secure loads. Tightly wrapped to the pallet, the load's ability to shift, fall or slide in transit is nearly impossible.

"From large pipes or tubes to heavy metal parts and engines, the machine was literally built to solve a market need to efficiently wrap otherwise impossible loads," says Klear. "The fact that it does that and more is worth a look."

Yellow Jacket's Orbital Stretch Wrap is available in manual or semi-automatic. The 87M requires a footprint of only about 8'x9' and runs on 110VAC- making it easy to install in most any plant. It also wraps a standard pallet size up to 68" diagonal.

For more information about Yellow Jacket, its products and services, visit online: or contact directly at email: or by phone: 1-800-387-5001.

About Yellow Jacket

GaleWrap markets Yellow Jacket brand orbital stretch-wrapping equipment and services that locks loads to the pallet, offering a quick and secure wrap to protect loads against damage, dust and wind. GaleWrap also offers GaleWrap® Oriented Film and Oriented Equipment as an alternative to conventional hand wrapping. GaleWrap Oriented Film and Equipment offer increased wrapping productivity, enhanced employee safety, improved load containment and lower total pallet wrapping costs. GaleWrap and Yellow Jacket are business units of Illinois Tool Works.

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