Yardley Products Provides Custom Threaded Inserts for Milkshake Blenders

Yardley, PA - Yardley Products, a manufacturer of precision engineered threaded metal inserts for a wide range of fastening applications, provides custom solutions for a variety of industries. Through a partnership with MCM Composites, a certified custom molder of thermoset plastic parts, Yardley has supplied threaded metal inserts for a variety of products, including milkshake blenders, oven handle doors, and immersion cookers.

Yardley has been proud to supply the threaded inserts to MCM Composites. "Yardley provides threaded inserts for all types of applications for end-use in items from fighter jets to kitchen and convenience items like what MCM produces," says Tim Bailey, president of Yardley Products. "If you need an insert, I'm sure there is one in our extensive product line that will fit your needs, and if there isn't, we'll design one that works."

Yardley's threaded metal inserts are used in many molded parts for different products at MCM, but the most recent utilization was an application featuring a new, self cleaning milkshake blender. The blenders, which can be found nationwide at convenience stores, are particularly sanitary because they are extremely easy to maintain.

For the milkshake blenders, Yardley supplies the Trisert® Coarse Threaded self-tapping insert because it is perfectly suited for strong holding power in brittle or thin plastics. "The plastics used in the items manufactured by MCM are subject to frequent temperature changes because they are used in food preparation. The ability to handle these temperature changes requires an FDA-grade fiberglass reinforced plastic formulation that is extremely hard, but also is very brittle, so we needed an insert that would not crack the plastic during insertion," says Bailey.

Yardley's Trisert® Coarse Threaded Inserts are designed to meet the increased demand for holding power in thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics. The wider spaced external threads reduce installation torque and provide a stronger hold. Trisert® Coarse Threaded Inserts are self-tapping, meaning that installation is extremely quick and easy; the inserts tap their own threads as they are turned into drilled or cored holes. The threading on these inserts is ideal for cutting into extremely hard plastics without cracking the material.

In addition to Trisert® Coarse Threaded Inserts, Yardley Products manufactures a full line of standard and custom press-in, molded-in, epoxied-in, self tapping, ultrasonic, and thermal insert fasteners in aluminum, brass, diecast, plated steel, stainless steel and steel. Yardley threaded metal inserts are available for purchase online at www.yardleyproducts.com or by contacting Yardley Products at 800-457-0154.

About Yardley Products, Corp.:

Yardley Products Corp., is a manufacturer of precision engineered threaded metal inserts for a wide range of fastening applications. Yardley inserts feature designs that "lock" them securely into plastic, metal or wood base materials. Inserts are available for a variety of installation methods including molded-in, pressed-in, threaded-in, thermal, and ultrasonic vibration. Yardley Products offers a large inventory of more than 24 million threaded inserts, fast delivery, and provides insert design and custom manufacturing.

Contact for Product Information:

Barry Brown, Sales Department, Yardley Products Corporation; info@yardleyproducts.com

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