Yammer Announces Deeper Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Yammer also announces expanded partner ecosystem with additional industry integrations.

SAN FRANCISCO - Yammer, Inc., a best-in-class Enterprise Social Network and part of the Microsoft Office Division, today announced a native integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Leveraging the power of the Enterprise Graph, this new integration allows Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers to extend Yammer's social functionality into the application by embedding Yammer feeds, as well as Follow and Like buttons into specific CRM records. In addition, once someone takes an action on a record, a Page is automatically created in Yammer where employees can discuss, follow and collaborate on that record.

For example, when a Microsoft Dynamics CRM user updates an opportunity, a Page and activity story are created in Yammer, alerting colleagues to the status of the deal. These interactions are not only available in Yammer but also embedded in the customer record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM itself, so that anyone viewing the opportunity details will have access to the social content surrounding it.

"This new integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is just the first example of how you will see enhanced social experiences across Microsoft products and services," said David Sacks, Yammer founder and corporate vice president, Microsoft Office Division. "Our platform seamlessly connects the relevant people, conversations and data across an entire organization, making Yammer the enterprise social standard and a way for companies to build a truly connected enterprise."

Today, Yammer also launched an updated App Directory, allowing users to browse and connect third-party business applications within Yammer. New integrations include the following:

- GoodData. A leading BizData Monetization platform pulls data from Yammer
and other enterprise apps to deliver meaningful business insights to
customers and enable them to monetize their data. For example,
conversations that happen inside Yammer about aSalesforce.com record can
be analyzed alongside the corresponding opportunity details
inSalesforce.com. Customers can then determine how fast a deal closes,
if the sale is correlated to the related Yammer activity and how Yammer
activity affects sales cycles.

- Kudos. The peer-to-peer recognition platform posts an update in Yammer's
Ticker when a colleague sends Kudos to another user, calling out their
work using characteristics such as strategic, helpful, creative or
reliable. Each Kudos message recognizes the colleagues sending and
receiving Kudos, the level of recognition ranging from Thank You to
Exceptional, key characteristics, and values demonstrated. The
integration also utilizes Yammer Connect to seamlessly authenticate
users based on their Yammer login credentials. With the Kudos browser
add-ons, Yammer users can easily give Kudos to anyone at any time,
enhancing corporate culture and improving employee engagement.

- Salesforce.com. Expanding on the existing integration, which enables
updates of Salesforce.com records to appear as activity stories in
Ticker, users can now embed record-specific Yammer feeds inside the
Salesforce.com application. All Yammer conversations related to a given
account, opportunity or campaign can now be viewed as a single feed.

- WorkSimple. The social performance management platform publishes an
activity story in Ticker when an employee creates a social goal, sets a
team focus or gives social recognition. Co-workers can easily share what
they are working on, showcase accomplishments and offer praise. Managers
also benefit by establishing a culture of feedback, recognition and
results. WorkSimple is offering a Yammer edition of its product to
Yammer customers for free, available in Yammer's App Directory.

New integrations are available immediately. Customers should contact their Yammer representatives for more information.

Partner Comments About the News

"Social networking is becoming mission critical to the success of leading organizations worldwide. Yammer houses key data that can show powerful insights into employee satisfaction, productivity and engagement. Tying this rich social data to disparate systems, such as CRM, will enable companies to measure Yammer's impact across an organization, leading to better data monetization."

- Cody Crnkovich, vice president, Channel and Alliances, GoodData

"Our partnership with Yammer allows enterprise organizations to add our simple and effective recognition ecosystem within their enterprise social network. Kudos' core focus is recognition, and, with our proprietary KQ visualizers, we are able to provide simple yet powerful insights on individual performance and team management. With the convenience of our browser add-ons and mobile offering, Yammer users can give Kudos easily, anywhere and at any time. By publishing Kudos messages into a Yammer network, organizations can further enhance communication and collaboration and now share and celebrate the things that make their company a great place to work."

- Muni Boga, founder and co-CEO, Kudos

"WorkSimple and Yammer share the belief that employees will only adopt platforms that help them work better together -- technology products must be simple, engaging and easy to use. Now with WorkSimple's Social Performance Management platform, teams and companies can share social goals, give and get feedback, capture recognition, and build a results-driven culture on their Yammer networks."

- Morgan Norman, founder and CEO, WorkSimple

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