YAMAHA Takes Home Coveted Global Technology Award at SMTAI for Revolutionary Z:TA-R / YSM40R Modular Surface Mounter

Rosemont, Illinois, USA – Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA won a coveted Global Technology Award for the company’s new ultra-high-speed Z:TA-R / YSM40R modular surface mounter, which boasts the world’s fastest placement rates and area productivity at 200,000 CPH. The award was presented to the company on Tuesday, September 27th, 2016 at the SMTAI 2016 Conference and Exhibition at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois and was accepted by George Babka, Sales General Manager.

Yamaha IM America’s new ultra-high-speed Z:TA-R / YSM40R modular surface mounter was developed using a revolutionary productivity concept; the fusion of Yamaha’s core technologies, and then advancing them to the next level. With the adoption of a 1m wide compact platform, a 4-beam layout and Yamaha’s multi nozzle Rotary Head, the highest speeds and area productivity are achieved, enhanced by new high-speed algorithms and the synergistic effect of faster control. The combination of high-speed and flexible production formats makes the YSM40R ideally suited to the ever-changing productivity challenges of OEM and contract assemblers. Yamaha incorporates the functionality of a high speed rotary head design within an ultra-compact platform. Along with rotary head speed performance, the ultrahigh-speed head is also capable of simultaneous pickup, plus simultaneous vision recognition of all components on the head at once.

George Babka, Sales General Manager (L) and Ed Nauss, Global Account Manager, Yamaha Motor Corporation USA, with the Global Technology Award The adoption of a new high-rigidity base frame, a new lightweight X-gantry, and a newly developed high speed side view camera that checks the status of components in real time has also improved placement accuracy and mounting reliability, and enable the YSM40R to be compatible with extremely small-sized components down to 0201 metric (0.25mm x 0.125mm).

Production rates are improved due to new features that perform nozzle self-diagnosis and selfrestoration without interrupting production eliminating downtime. Enhanced algorithms for automatic component data generation such as Yamaha’s e-Vision, help prevent pickup and recognition errors, additionally contributing to lower downtime.

The GLOBAL Technology Awards have recognized the very best new innovations in the printed circuit assembly and packaging industries since 2005. The GLOBAL Technology Awards have been bringing together the global SMT and advanced packaging industry in a celebration of the companies and people that are achieving the highest standards and driving our industry forward. The awards are designed to promote best practice in key areas including manufacturing quality, customer service, sales growth, innovation and employee motivation, and are chosen by a distinguished panel of industry experts.

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