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XYZ Stage with Granite Base is suited for medical dispensing.

Press Release Summary:

Jun 04, 2013 - Comprising 2 PMT160-300-SM stages for X and Y axis and one LTP60-50-SM as Z axis, 3-axis positioning system features granite platform, measures 71 x 67 x 50 cm, and weighs 120 kg. This heavy-duty, low-maintenance system, suited for medical dispensing applications, has integrated MDRIVE controller. Positional accuracy is <±20 μm, repeatability is <±5 μm, and resolution is 1 μm (adjustable via software control).

Original Press Release

New XYZ Stage for Medical Dispensing Features Granite Base

Press release date: Jun 03, 2013

BURLINGTON, MA – Steinmeyer, Inc. today announced another exciting new positioning system that is ideal for medical dispensing applications. This is a heavy duty and low maintenance 3 axis positioning system affixed to a granite platform. The system incorporates two PMT160-300-SM stages for the X and Y axis and one LTP60-50-SM as the Z axis. The entire unit is 71 × 67 × 50 cm and weighs 120 kg.

The system offers:
• Positional accuracy of < +/- 20μm
• Repeatability of < +/-5μm 
• Resolution of 1μm, which is adjustable with software control
• Integrated MDRIVE controller

The Steinmeyer group is comprised of two manufacturing divisions located in Germany. August Steinmeyer GmbH & Co. KG (located in Albstadt) has been setting standards for high precision ball screws for over 40 years and prides itself on high quality, innovative designs to meet demanding customer requirements. Our Feinmess Dresden (FMD) division has been producing an extensive line of high precision positioning systems for well over 130 years.

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