Xythos Upgrades Online Document Management for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Connects Web 2.0 Services with Standard Desktop Applications

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 23 -- Xythos Software, a leading developer of document management and collaboration software announced updates to Xythos on Demand, the company's software as a service (SaaS) offering for SMB's and departments of larger organizations. The new features are designed to help organizations better access and share content on the Web using Web 2.0 technologies such as Ajax, and offer support for Wiki's and social tagging for improved contextual collaboration.

Already used by hundreds of businesses around the world, Xythos on Demand appeals to organizations which find traditional enterprise content management systems too complex and costly, but want to maintain their investments in existing desktop applications and the business processes developed around them. Xythos on Demand 2.0 introduces a host of Web 2.0 features including a fully customizable Web user interface which mimics desktop application performance levels using Ajax technology.

Xythos on Demand 2.0 puts customers one step closer to moving their business operations online while helping them better protect vital information.

"Before Xythos, people who were working in-house had quick access to files, but people working off site had very slow access," said Dick Bird, sales engineer for Volm Companies. "When we switched to Xythos on Demand, we got everyone working at the same speed, with one central place to find files, which is not subject to uptime and downtime. Xythos on Demand gives us access to the documents we need anywhere, anytime and will make it easy to for our clients to safely share information with us as well."

Several Xythos on Demand customers have used Xythos enterprise applications at previous organizations and welcomed the opportunity to adopt the same technology as a Web service. The company even provides services for customers who wish to migrate their data between its on demand service and its on premises based applications. Xythos on Demand 2.0 also includes new Web wizards intended to help automate the process of setting up shared workspaces and simplifying access control management.

"The concept of ECM as a service is quite appealing, as it helps overcome customer concerns about system integration and ease of use," said Ed Miller, president and chief executive officer of Xythos. "Xythos on Demand 2.0 immediately puts the customer in control with Web 2.0 technology that makes collaborating on business documents as easy as sharing a photograph." The fact that Xythos on Demand uses the same technology relied upon by Xythos' enterprise customers also provides customers with an added sense of security.

Integrated Wiki support also provides a dynamic view of content stored in the service as well as discussions which occur around it. Unlike many consumer Web applications, users don't have to abandon their desktop applications to benefit from the secure online file storage and management features available with the service. Xythos on Demand delivers advanced Web collaboration features directly from the desktop including offline file access and synchronization.

Xythos on Demand 2.0 is available for trial or purchase today at www.xythosondemand.com. Xythos also announced today versions 7.0 of its Digital Locker and Enterprise Document Management Suites which will be available by the end of this year. Xythos Enterprise Document Management Suite 7.0 introduces an enhanced workflow module for business process automation in addition to the Web 2.0 collaboration enhancements now available in Xythos on Demand 2.0

About Xythos Software

Xythos Software is a leading developer of document management and collaboration software. Its online services and products are licensed to millions of users at commercial, education and government organizations around the world for managing and sharing content throughout its lifecycle. Try Xythos on Demand today at www.xythosondemand.com or visit www.xythos.com to learn more about how Xythos is making online document management safer and easier for everyone.

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