Xpert 80 Press Brake offers bending speeds up to 25 mm/ sec.

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Offering bending length of five ft and press capacity of 88 US tons, Xpert 80 Press Brake comes with footprint of 10 sq ft. Equipped with ByMotion drive control, unit features upper beam and back gauges. Enabling users to bend three times as many parts with compact machine, product can process parts up to bending length of 5 ft and maximum thickness of ¾ of in. Xpert 80 provides flexible job production with fluctuating batch sizes and bent parts.

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Bystronic Introduces Xpert 80 Mobile Press Brake

Bystronic Inc., Elgin IL, announces the release of their new Xpert 80 press brake. With the new Xpert 80, Bystronic is continuing the concept of the mobile press brake, which the smaller version Xpert 40 has already successfully established on the market. Compared to the Xpert 40, the Xpert 80 offers a decisive increase in bending length and press capacity. This opens up a wide spectrum of applications. Over a bending length of approximately five feet, the Xpert 80 generates a press capacity of 88 US tons and all of this with a footprint of less than 10 square feet. Bystronic product manager Karsten Trautvetter explains: “The great success of the Xpert 40 shows that there is a demand amongst users for fast but also mobile bending systems.”

The new Xpert 80 provides users with support for flexible job shop production with fluctuating batch sizes and varying bent parts as well as for series production with recurring parts. Today, for example, the machine can be set up next to a laser cutting system and tomorrow, maybe, in a row with other press brakes in order to process a large bending series.

For many users, bending requires manufacturing small to medium-sized parts using press brakes that are too big for the job. For parts up to a bending length of approximately 5 feet and a maximum thickness of ¾ of an inch, these users do not really need a large-scale bending machine, but a small and versatile powerhouse. Bystronic developed the new Xpert 80 for precisely these requirements. A fast press brake with a compact format that fits into virtually any manufacturing environment.

Moreover, the machine achieves fast bending speeds up to 25 millimeters (1 inch) per second. This enables users to bend three times as many parts with the compact machine compared to a slower large press brake. The ByMotion drive control, a Bystronic development, ensures that the Xpert 80’s upper beam and back gauges are accelerated with high precision. This creates the perfect interplay between speed, precision, and bending force. The results are bending processes with the highest levels of repetition accuracy and speed.

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Bystronic Inc. has offered customers single source service expertise for over 30 years. They provide innovative laser cutting, waterjet cutting, press brakes, automation, system software and comprehensive customer training and support. The company’s North American headquarters is located in Elgin, IL. Offices are also located in Toronto, Canada and Monterrey, Mexico. For more information on Bystronic Inc., visit www.bystronicusa.com, or to contact by e-mail, sales.us@bystronic.com.


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