XP500WD Louvers are rated to FEMA standards.

Press Release Summary:

XP500WD FEMA Louvers uses blade that offers both FEMA protection and AMCA tested Class A wind driven rain protection. Product reduces installation time and is useful for builders and designers.

Original Press Release:

New, Industry-First XP500WD Louver from Ruskin® Combines Impact and Wind-Driven Rain Protection

Ruskin® introduces the XP500WD wind-driven rain FEMA louver, the first louver to provide both FEMA impact protection and Class A wind-driven rain protection.

Like other impact-resistant FEMA louvers, the XP500WD is tested to FEMA standard 361 for impact protection. What differentiates the XP500WD is its innovative and patent-pending design, which utilizes a new blade that not only provides FEMA protection, but also offers Class A wind-driven rain protection that is AMCA tested. The result is a FEMA louver that gives designers and builders one product that does the work of two.

The XP500WD will save builders and designers significant money and installation time (compared to installing a traditional FEMA louver and a secondary wind-driven rain louver).

The XP500WD will be available from Ruskin in March 2018. Visit www.ruskin.com for more information on Ruskin air movement products.

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